The Pale Moon project: Optimized Firefox Browser for Windows

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Pale Moon Project is the custom-built and optimized Firefox browsers for Windows. PaleMoon Proect claims that it performs extremely fast, up to 25 percent faster than basic Firefox browser.

Pale Moon Project mentions that current versions of Firefox are more optimized for Linux, than Windows, and that’s why they perform better on Linux systems. So, Pale Moon Project took the basic Firefox code, removed unnecessary code from that, and made some tweaking to create an optimized Firefox version for Windows.

This browser is a good blend of features and speed. It has chosen some of the best features for you with optimum set up which is recommended for the large group of users.

The Pale Moon project is specially designed to work on current processors such as Pentium IV, Celeron, AMD and other multi core processors. The requirement of The Pale Moon project is 7th generation of later CPU with SSE2 support. Thus, the software is not for ones that have very old systems.

Pale Moon is a lesser known browser. Here are some other niche browsers that you might not have heard about.

The Pale Moon project has been designed for conducting daily browsing stability. The tests have been done by the author of Pale Moon for Graphics site, DHTML/ CSS, Flash and SSL/heavy authentication sites. Along with all these tests the Pale Moon has been tested for browser for autosurf settings, visiting wide variety of sites from all over the world with varied contents. Such features will definitely bound you with Pale Moon since browsing would not been so much fun before.

Apart from all the features above, here are some other features of PaleMoon Project:

  • It supports vector based types of graphics.
  • HTML and advanced DOM support
  • 100% Firefox sourced
  • Utilizes less memory than other browsers
  • Support for personas

There is significant difference between Pale Moon and Firefox, the executable program of both the browsers are different and build in executable machine code. Try out Pale Moon, and share your experience with us. If you are looking for some mainstream browsers, you can stick with Google Chrome, Safari for Windows, or Opera.

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Works With: Windows
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