JPEGSnoop: Free JPEG Decoding Software

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JPEG Snoop is a free JPEG decoding utility for Windows. It scans and decodes the details of JPEG and motion JPEG, AVI files. This utility is also able to analyze the source of an image to ascertain its authenticity.

This free JPEG decoding utility can reveal the hidden information which is contained in all digital photographs. JPEG Snoop delves deeply into the data of a digital camera photo and reveals the various settings of a particular camera. Users also have the ability to extract this information as well as the quality and nature of the JEG image compression of the camera – every digital camera specifies compression levels. Another similar software we reviewed earlier is Hidden Metadata Detector.

What does this free JPEG decoding software allow a user to do:

  • Users are able to tap into the JPEGSnoop free internal database and compare an image against a list of compression signatures. This database will then reports which camera or software was used to create the image. This option is handy if one want to determine whether an image is has or has not been edited. If, for example the image signature matches that of a program such as Photoshop, then one can conclude that photo or image has been edited in some way.
  • This free utility also reports other large amounts of information which users may or may not find useful. This information includes data called quantization table matrix as well as chroma sub-sampling data. Enabling the full Huffman VLC decode will allow users to learn more about JPEG compression.
  • This free program with increase the picture quality of a connected scanner and will help in locating recoverable images, video, decoding AVI files, that were deleted accidentally or purposely.

JPEGSnoop is a good way to find additional information about image files. You can also use it on your own images before sharing them with friends, and use this free software to remove metadata from images to remove some of that information.

JPEGSnoop is the ideal free utility for people that enjoy photography and various images the program’s various options allow users to access data and decode an array of photo and video files.

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Once JPEGSnoop is download and running, users will be amazed by the amount of information they are able to access from the various image files used by computers across the world today. The free download is easily installed and setup on all versions of Windows computers, from Windows XP through to the current Windows 7.

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