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BatchPurifier LITE is a free software to remove metadata from photos. It can remove all the hidden data and metadata from photos of JPEG format.

Many of you might not be aware that the photos include a lot of hidden information in the photo file. Some of that information is date on which photo was taken, type of camera, and sometimes even the location at which photo was taken is also included in the photo.

You might not always want to share this information with your friends. So, it is recommended that you remove all this personal metadata from your photos. BatchPurifier LITE does exactly that.

batchpurifier interface

BatchPurifier LITE is a free version of BatchPurifier, which can remove metadata from multiple JPEG files together. This is extremely simple to use software, to find hidden information in your photos and remove it completely.

How to Remove Metadata using BatchPurifier LITE?

You can easily remove metadata from your photos using BatchPurifier LITE. Just follow the simple steps listed below and get the job done in seconds.

  • Select Files: You can add multiple JPEG files to BatchPurifier LITE together. Just press the “Add Files” button and add as many files as you want. You can also add a folder containing JPEG files by pressing “Add Folder” button.
  • Select Filters: BatchPurifier LITE displays a list of hidden data types present in your photos. You can choose those data types which you want to remove from your photos. Once you make your selections, BatchPurifier LITE will display information about the data types on the left.

batchpurifier remove metadata

  • Select Output folder: You can select a new folder to save the files after processing, or overwrite original files.
  • Press Finish to Purify Files: Finally press “Finish” button for purifying your files. You can either start a new batch purification or press “Close” to exit.

Features of BatchPurifier LITE:

  • Batch Purification: BatchPurifier LITE processes multiple files together and removes metadata from all the files.
  • Include Compressed files: BatchPurifier LITE also removes metadata from ZIP files.

batchpurifier zip

  • Show information about hidden Data Type: It shows important information about the hidden data types that are present in your files.
  • Fast Processing: BatchPurifier LITE processes multiple photos in fractions of seconds and shows the results immediately.
  • Retain Image Quality: Removing metadata using BatchPurifier LITE does not impacts quality of your photos at all.
  • Reduce File Size: Removing metadata and other hidden data from the photos also helps in reducing their size on the disk.

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The Final Verdict:

BatchPurifier LITE is a powerful tool to remove some or all the hidden metadata from your photos. It could be really useful in case you want to share your pictures online, as it protect their privacy by removing hidden metadata from the files.

Download BatchPurifier LITE here.

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