Detective Stories Hollywood: Free Puzzle Game For PC

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Detective Stories Hollywood is free puzzle game for your PC. Find the missing pieces of the object, find clues, and solve puzzles to solve a case in Hollywood. The game has an intriguing story. It has a simple interface, where you only have to spot the object, and “Right-Click” to add it to your list of discovered items. Each level requires you to solve a puzzle within the provided time limit.

The game requires you to solve a case, by solving a series of puzzles and mini games at different levels. There is also a “Help” button, that gives you the clue about the hidden object in the scene shown there.

The download size of this game is 58 MB.

Detective Stories Hollywood

So far, the game looks pretty much like “Mysteryville 2”, but the game offers you more than that. Apart from solving the puzzles, “Detective Stories Hollywood” has some small games in the form of tasks for you to play.

While solving the case, you will also come across some familiar hollywood faces that will help you to solve the puzzle.

The game offers much to explore, with as many as 160 different levels to complete.

About Detective Stories Hollywood Game for PC:

The game opens into the Tinsel town of Hollywood. The entire film crew is going fussy, after a well known actress, 10 million dollars, and the only copy of a blockbuster have gone missing. Amidst the tizzy scenario and tantrum throwing stars, you (role-playing) as the detective has been given the charge to solve this particular case. It’s up to you to search each place cleverly, and look for the hidden clues.

While exploring each crime scene, you will come across some familiar faces, who will be helping hand in solving the case. Therefore, put on your thinking cap and set out to solve this high profile case of the Tinsel town.

Detective Stories Hollywood Task

The game is divided in as much as 160 different levels. Each level starts with a short story and a task to do. The task may include a puzzle to solve, finding the hidden object or a small game for you to play.

Detective Stories Hollywood Game Interface 2

The entire control is of the mouse. You need to find the hidden objects in the scene. The items to be founded are shown on the right side. When you find an item, right click on it, to add it to the list of discovered items. There is a timer running, at the top right hand side. Each level has to be completed before the time runs out.

Detective Stories Hollywood Puzzle

Also, there will be small games for you to play at some levels. For those also, the only control is from your mouse. The interface being horribly intuitive, provides you no problem whatsoever.


The game starts with a short story,  that briefs you about the ongoing mayhem. A window appears, providing you the option to enter the player’s name.

Detective Stories Hollywood Game

After that there will be a map of the Tinsel Town provided to you, from where you can choose the place you want to start your search with.

Detective Stories Hollywood Map

Just click on the spot and start off with the game.

Every level starts with a short note on what your task is, and how the place has to be explored.

Detective Stories Hollywood Game story before start

Some levels requires you to solve certain puzzles, while some require you to play small games.

The entire control is from your mouse. To find the hidden object, you need to spot the object in the scene, and then right-click on it to add it to the list of discovered items.

Detective Stories Hollywood Puzzle

Nevertheless, whether it’s a puzzle to solve, or a game in form of task, you will have to complete the level before the time runs out.

That’s all to the game. Complete each level and keep exploring each crime scenes with as many as 160 levels to complete.

Final Verdict

With 160 different levels to explore and intriguing game story, the game will keep you hooked to your PC for long. Therefore, the game gets a “Good” rating from me, and word of recommendation for you to get your hands on it.

Get free Detective Stories Hollywood here.

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