Free Criminal Case Like Puzzle Game For PC: Mysteryville 2

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Mysterville 2 is free puzzle game for PC. The game can also be called as the PC version of Criminal Case, which is a very famous puzzle game on Facebook. Yes! you guessed it right! it’s a mystery solving game, where the player has to find things that are hidden somewhere in the scene.

There is a time limit before which you will have to find the missing items. The puzzles are different in different levels, and the crime scenes are pretty different from each other as well.

Myseryville 2 game play

There is also a  “TIP” bar at the top of the interface, which when clicked gives you the clue about the next item in the list.

The gameplay of Mysteryville 2 is very similar to the game of Criminal Case that you might have played on Facebook. You are required to find the missing items in a limited time to clear the level and, move to the next level.

Download size of this game is just around 20 MB.

Gameplay of Mysteryville 2 for Windows:

The game of Mysteryville 2 is about finding a guy named “Bill”, who has been missing in a small mysterious town of Mysteryville 2. The game starts with a small but intriguing story about a small town of Eurekaberg. The protagonist of the game, the journalist “Laura Winner” who just can’t get enough of this small mysterious town. She has returned back to the town, to find an old acquaintance named Bill Witowsky, who has been missing since an art and jewelry exhibition has been scheduled by the two of the town’s new priests.

Now, the point of interest is that, could it be possible, that the two incidents are interlinked? If you also think the same, then find that missing link and help Laura find her missing acquaintance “Bill”.

Mysteryville 2 game start

En route the course of this game, you will be interacting with many of the town’s inhabitants. The inhabitants also include some of the creepy scientists that would appear like the kidnappers of missing person Bill.

mysteryville 2 conversation

It’ll take you about a minute to figure the game course, if you have played the game of “Criminal Case” a couple of time on Facebook. The items are hidden in the crime scene, and you have to figure out the hidden items from the scene, that is visible, and click on it to add it to discovered list of items.

Mysteryville 2 mission

There are certain number of items to be discovered  from the crime scene within a time limit. The items are listed in the left column as three in a series; you will have to find one of those three items that is hidden somewhere in the crime scene. Once you explore one those three items listed, the next undiscovered item is added to the list. The game also has a “Tip” bar for you. A click on that will give you an idea about where that topmost item on the list is hidden in the crime scene.

Mysteryville 2 game

To keep it simple: find all the hidden items within the provided time limit. The game keeps your detective spirit enkindled with different of crime scenes to explore.

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How To Play Mysteryville 2

The game control of this free to play is no rocket science, in fact it is one of the easiest that I came across in recent times. Each of the level requires you to explore certain items from the crime scene provided to you. IN most of the levels, the shadow of the items to be discovered is shown on the left column, you will have to find the item that matches the description of the shadow and “Right-Click” on it.

mysteryville 2 game interface

Once you click on the item, it gets added to the list of discovered items. There are certain number of items to be discovered in each stage ( the number of items varies with stages).

Mysteryville 2 puzzle 2

The game also has a convenient “TIP” bar present on the top of the interface which when clicked gives you the hint of the topmost item in the list hidden in the crime scene. Once you use the “Tip” bar, you cannot use it till the time it gets replenished.

Mysteryville 2 puzzle

Apart from that, you will also be charged penalty  of 20 seconds, if you repeatedly keep on clicking on the wrong item.

Final Verdict

With the gamecontrol so familiar and intriguing, it’s hard to avoid game of such genre. The endless levels, different crime scenes, and different crime solving techniques is enough to keep your interest completely engrossed in the game. The game gets a “GOOD” rating from me and a word recommendation for you even to get your hands on it.

Get Free Mysteryville 2 here.

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