5 Best Free PDF Annotator Software for Windows 10

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Here are 5 best free PDF annotator software for Windows 10. Basically, these software serves two main purposes: view PDF files as well annotate PDF files. These software are pretty good to annotate single page as well as multipage PDF file on Windows 10. All the basic annotation tools such as text, arrow, rectangle, highlighter, circle, pen, pencil tool, etc. are available in these free PDF annotator software. Apart from these, every single software has other interesting features as well.

You can attach files and folders in a PDF page at a particular point, highlighted the selected area, capture the selected area to clipboard, digitally sign PDF, use double page view mode, open multiple PDF files in tabs, etc. So apart from using the main feature (annotation), you can avail the benefit of many other features completely free.

Let’s start with the first free PDF annotator software for Windows 10 added in this list.

Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader- interface

Foxit Reader is one of the best and powerful PDF annotator software for Windows 10. Its endless features make it a strong competitor to other software. It provides almost all the necessary annotation tools, such as: arrow, rectangle, cloud, highlight, squiggly underline, pencil, eraser (to erase pencil), etc. Some other interesting annotation tools that are not so common are also present in this software. For example, you can use text callout, different types of stamps, highlight the selected area, add bookmarks, measure distance between two points of PDF page, attach files and folders, etc.

Apart from some basic to advanced annotation features, you can open multiple PDF files together, and perform annotation. The list of features doesn’t end here. You can use it to add a note as well as file (as attachments) at a particular point in a PDF file. Moreover, you can also digitally sign PDF files using this software. You have the choice to draw signature or add signature file (image). Supported image formats to digitally sign PDF documents are: BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TIF, etc.

A couple of other features are also worth mentioning here:

  • You can connect (sign in or sign up) with ConnectedPDF (a part of Foxit Software) to upload your PDF files on the cloud. I’m not sure about the storage capacity, but you can try it to upload your PDF documents and access them.
  • You can also share your PDF document with someone else. It generates a public link for a PDF that you can share with others.
  • You can use its Snapshot feature to automatically capture the selected area and copy it to clipboard. Later, you can paste the captured area in some image editor software and save it.
  • You can also use it to open EPUB, XDP, and XFDP files.

Overall, I can say that this software can be a complete suite for PDF annotation and other purposes.

It is around 52 MB in size. You can also read its full review here.


CovePDF software

CovePDF is my personal favorite free PDF annotator software for Windows 10. Its direct competition is with Foxit Reader because it serves almost all those features that you find in Foxit Reader. This free PDF annotator provides underline, text comment, strikethrough, highlighter, pencil, and other annotation tools. Also, you can open one or multiple PDF files, rotate pages, and use annotation tools for those PDFs. The software provides single and double page view modes which are its unique features.

Many advanced features are also provided by this software. You can use it to digitally sign PDF files (by creating and adding digital signature certificate) and add password protection to a PDF file. You can also add files as attachments in PDF and password protect your attachments. So when you don’t want to protect the whole PDF, you can protect your important attachments.

If you don’t want to use additional features, you can simply use its annotation tools. Apart from basic tools, it lets you add a webpage link, use comment box to comment on a specific area, and add custom text in your PDF file.

Its zip file size is around 60 MB. Here is its detailed review.

Note: To complete the installation process, you need to provide your name and email address.

Gaaiho PDF

Gaaiho PDF

Gaaiho PDF is a powerful software and it won’t be wrong if I say it is a whole PDF suite. A lot of annotation tools are provided including highlighter, text, text box, add text notes, underline, and more. Other than annotation tools, you can use it to sign PDF, attach files in PDF, use stamps (preset stamps), etc.

Some other advanced features make it a better and one of the best PDF reader and annotator software. It lets you bookmarks PDF pages so that you can access any page quickly when there are hundreds or thousands pages are available in the PDF file.

PDF protection is also present in this software using which you can password protect your confidential PDF files. So if I talk about features, then this software definitely deserves a try.

It is around 49 MB in size. To learn more about this software, read its detailed review.

Nitro Reader

Nitro Reader- interface

Nitro Reader is another great and free PDF annotator software for Windows 10. I am highly impressed with its two unique features. You can extract text from PDF and fetch images from PDF file and save them to a folder. Apart from that, it lets you rotate all pages of a PDF file, convert text, images, and HTML files to PDF, and add digital signatures to your PDF files (text or image signature). This software also supports tabbed interface. That means you can open multiple PDF files in different tabs on a single window of this software.

Other than these interesting features, the software also provide sufficient annotation tools. You can add a note to your PDF file, highlight the selected area, and use the text tool.

This free PDF annotator software provides an elegant interface which looks similar to MS WORD 2013 interface. You can open a PDF from PC or OneDrive folder, use annotation tools, and then save the output PDF.

It is around 55 MB in size. You can find its detailed review here.

Expert PDF Reader

Expert PDF Reader software

Expert PDF Reader is also a very useful free PDF annotator software for Windows 10. I like its simple interface where multiple annotation tools are available in different tabs. It lets you add sticky notes in PDF, use highlighter, create and use stamps, pencil tool, add digital signature (image file), add text to write custom text, etc. So all the necessary annotation tools that must be available in a good PDF annotator software are present in this software.

It doesn’t come with other advanced features, but the software is perfect when you have to annotate a PDF file. You can open a single page or multipage PDF file on its interface. Also, like other software present in this list, it lets you add multiple PDF files on different tabs and annotate those files as per your needs.

It is around 16 MB in size and its full review can be found here.

The Verdict:

All these free PDF annotator software for Windows 10 are excellent. There is a very close competition between all these software. It’s really tough for me to decide which one is the best. Still, based on the number of features, I would definitely say that Foxit Reader surely deserves #1 position. My favorite is still CovePDF because it has all the tools that I need in a good PDF reader and annotator software. Rest of the software have their own importance and are very good to annotate PDF files. You can take a look and select the best one for you.

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