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ManageTwitter is a free web based application for Twitter that lets you mass unfollow Twitter users that you should not be following. ManageTwitter lets you unfollow users who are not following you back, or the ones that tweet too often, or even those who tweet too less. ManageTwitter is completely online, and totally free.

I have reviewed some good applications for Mass Unfollow. ManageTwitter also joins that group, and is one of the easiest to use.

To use ManageTwitter, just authenticate your Twitter account using OAuth. Then, ManageTwitter will show you statistics about your Twitter account.

ManageTwitter provides following options:

UnFollow Those who are Not Following Back:

ManageTwitter lets you easily unfollow those who are not following back. On click of a button, ManageTwitter will show you all such users who are not following you. You can mass unfollow all of them. You can even select some Twitter users that you do not want to unfollow, and ManageTwitter will exclude them. After that, ManageTwitter will unfollow all others.

Unfollow Those Who Did not Tweet in 1 Month:

ManageTwitter will show you all those people whom you are following, and they have not tweeted in last 1 month. You can mass unfollow all of them to clean up your Twitter list.

Unfollow Those who Tweet Too Much:

This is actually the feature that I was looking for quite some time. I sometimes find that I am following people who tweet too much (starting with Good morning, and ending with Good night). ManageTwitter has this feature that lets you mass unfollow all those Twitter users who tweet too much.

However, here is a big problem with this: ManageTwitter does not lets you specify how many tweets are too much. ManageTwitter shows you all those users how tweet more than 5 times per day. However, I don’t think that is too much for Twitter. I would consider more than 10 to be too much. But, ManageTwitter does not lets me customize this option, so I cannot use this feature :(

Unfollow Those who Do Not Tweet Often:

ManageTwitter also lets you unfollow those Twitters users who tweet less than once per day. I really don’t think I would like to unfollow anyone who does not tweets often. I am just good with unfollowing those who have not tweeted in a month.

ManageTwitter is really easy to use, and one of the best ways to clean up your Twitter list. However, I really wish it let me customize some options. Other than that, I like ManageTwitter.

A great feature of ManageTwitter is that it lets you undo your action. For example, if you accidentally unfollowed someone, you can undo your action, and ManageTwitter will follow them back. This is a really useful feature when you are doing such mass updates to your account.

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