Improve Typing Speed by Typing Tweets of Your Timeline

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Tweetype is an interesting online game to improve typing speed just by typing the tweets of your Twitter timeline. This idea makes it unique as compared to other typing practice software. Rules of the game are very simple:

  • You need to type as many tweets as you can within 2 minutes.
  • If you make mistakes during typing, then it will affect your score, and typing speed.
  • You can skip any tweet (using Esc key) when you find complicated wording used in that particular tweet.
  • For smileys, you can just type any character and move on to continue typing.

You need to login with your Twitter account and then it will fetch tweets for typing.

improve typing speed by typing tweets of your Twitter timeline

In the above screenshot, you can see that you need to type the full tweet to bring the next tweet for typing. On the bottom of the screen, you can see remaining time, number of characters typed by you, and total errors. Once the time is over, it will show you the score.

You can also play this game without logging to your Twitter account. However, to use tweets of your timeline, check global leaderboard, compare scores with friends, and to post your score on your Twitter timeline, you must login with your Twitter account.

We have also covered similar websites to improve typing speed: Type Fu and TypeRacer.

How To Improve Typing Speed Using This Online Tweetype Game?

Access the homepage of this game using the link placed at the end of this review. On its homepage, it will provide a sample tweet for typing. You can try that sample tweet or skip to find more options.

When you will move further, it will provide you different games (like Technology, science, music, etc.) that are based on popular searches. These games show tweets (for typing) based on these keywords.

choose a game to start

You can choose a game and start typing to check your typing speed.

When you want to practice typing using tweets from your Twitter timeline, log in with your account, and authorize permission to this game to access your Twitter account. It will provide you two options: Play a search and Play your timeline.

Play a search option is used to enter keywords to begin the typing practice with tweets that will contain those keywords. On the other hand, Play your timeline option will simply fetch tweets from your Twitter timeline to begin the game.

select a game to practice typing

When the first tweet will appear, 2 minutes countdown time will start. Now forget everything and start typing as fast as you can. Try to avoid mistakes and continue typing. As soon as you will complete a tweet, press Enter, and another tweet will appear for typing.

type tweets within 2 minutes

Once 2 minutes time is over, it will display your score with your typing speed (both in cpm and wpm). You can also check your high scores and global scores of other users.

check your score and typing speed


Tweetype is really a wonderful game to improve typing speed or practice typing. It was really a good experience for me while I tested this online typing game. Give it a try!

Try Tweetype free.

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