10 Best Weather Apps for Android

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Here is a list of 10 Best Weather Apps for Android.  These apps show you the detailed Weather Conditions for the current time and the forecast as well. While some of these apps just show you the forecast in a simplistic manner, others are extremely gorgeous to look at and even offer extra features. You can check out the current temperature, Wind speed, Precipitation, and even take a look at the Cloud Cover by seeing the weather map. Go on, take a look at my favorite picks!

Meanwhile, also take a look at these homescreen Weather Widgets for your Android device!

1. AccuWeather


AccuWeather is one of the best Weather apps for Android. The app lets you keep an eye on the current weather as well as the hourly forecast. You can see the hourly changes in the weather on a graph, or just choose to see the daily Weather forecast. You can manage multiple locations, and even see the Weather map, and the cloud cover on the map (just zoom and pan out farther and you will be able to see it). The app is available for free on the Play Store.

2. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is another contender for the spot of the Best Weather app for Android. Yahoo Weather has a beautiful interface which lets you see the weather in multiple cities around the world just by swiping sideways on your screen. There are subtle animations throughout the app which make it feel even more elegant. If you want more info for any particular city, all you need to do is scroll down on that page. You will be able to see the hourly forecast, the daily forecast, Wind Speed (even Lords would praise those eye-pleasing windmills), Weather map, and even notifications for Weather Alerts, or, a persistent notification, if you choose. Yahoo Weather is completely free to install and use, and is probably the most beautiful.

3. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar


If a neatly designed layout and ease of use are the two things you are looking for, 1Weather for Android is the app you should be looking forward to. You can manage multiple locations within the 1Weather app, and can easily switch between them by tapping on the drop-down menu on top. You can know about the various aspects of the weather by swiping between the various screens sideways. You can see the temperature forecast, precipitation, weather map, and even see the moon phases. The app does have ads on the bottom, but that’s something you would expect from such a feature-packed free app.

4. The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel for Android has a simple interface with emphasis on getting the weather info to you as soon as possible. As soon as you add your location manually or via current location detection by the app, you will be shown the current weather conditions. Swipe it up and you will be shown more details for the said location. You can see the hourly weather forecast along with the daily forecast for 10 days. Swipe down further and you will come across Weather Radar, and Ski Conditions (pretty neat, eh?). The app is free, and is ad-supported, so you will see ads as you swipe down.

5. Weather XL PRO

Weather XL

Let’s take a look at another worthy name on this list dedicated to the best Weather apps for Android: Weather XL PRO. This app has beautiful weather animations which will impress you right at the main screen. The current weather conditions are shown along with aptly supported background animations. The best part about this app, though, is that you can see the historical values of any specific day! Go ahead, give it a try!

6. WeatherBug


WeatherBug for Android has come to this battle with all guns blazing. Current temperature, Weather conditions, Dew Point, Pressure, are some of the kinds of data available right on the main screen of the app as you open it. There’s a slide-out sidebar on the left, which lets you jump to any of the sections directly. Or, you can simply choose to swipe to the desired section towards the right. The app is free, and is highly detailed, but the main screen is the only one which I thought is more cluttered than it should be. But some you might as well like it. So go ahead, give it a try!

7. Weather


Elegance? Simplicity? Weather for Android, an app whose name signifies its simplicity, is worth taking a look at if those are your priorities. Weather doesn’t have too many details to dig into, and still presents the essential data to you in a neat manner. You can add multiple locations, and also get the hourly weather forecast in graphical form for comparison. Weather is available for free on the Play Store.

8. Weather Underground

Weather Underground

Weather Underground is a crowd-sourced, community-driven Weather service. The data is sourced by volunteers who report from their nearest Weather stations. The app has two primary sections, Weather, and Wundermap. You can see the weather in the traditional way, or you can see the reported temperature from various areas in a neat graph (as can be seen in the 3rd screenshot above). Head on over to the Play Store by clicking on the heading, and get Weather Underground for free!

9. Weather 14 days

Weather 14 Days

Weather 14 days is the most bare-bones Android weather app on this list. It shows you the weather forecast and has various other Settings to tweak around with. Multiple locations can be added as well. The app doesn’t however determine your current location automatically, and you have to add your cities of interest manually with a search (I had to search even when GPS was switched ON on my phone).

10. the Weather

the Weather

Simplicity seekers! the Weather for Android is another app you shouldn’t miss! Launching this app will only show you the current weather and the forecast in a simple list. Tap on any of the dates in the forecast list, and you can see the hourly forecast as well! Whether it be the rain forecast, or the heat, you can see it all here (see the third screenshot above). Available for free on the Play Store, the Weather is an ad-supported app.

That’s it for now. This list of 10 Best Weather Apps for Android hereby ends! You can go ahead and suggest any other cool weather apps in the comments section below.

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