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Keepback is a free backup application. It can be used to backup files in secondary storage devices like Flash drives, External Hard drives or even on network storage drives. Keepback is intended to be used on a small-scale, essentially for home user. So it is light, simple and  feature rich backup freeware.

Keepback Backup software has the following features:

Copies with a timeline, Historical Copies:

Keepback allows the user to save copies to have complete replicas of all files. In a way Keepback makes you have a SnapShot of your file system along with its contents. When you face a system/ Storage crash, specific copies can be selected by the user, based on the date.

Incremental Backup:

Keepback has an intuitive feature when it comes to backups. The most recent backup, conveniently, contains the copy of all the current files. And the older backups contain only the subset of files, that is the ones that have changed from one backup to the next.

Automatic maintenance:

Having multiple copies as backups, only increases the redundancy and this occupies a lot of space without effectively having any use. Keepback has the innovative option to automatically merge and unite the duplicate backups so that the storage space is saved from redundancy issues.


Keepback  can be run on any system that has a .NET platform. Normally this would mean only Windows, however  Keepback can also be run on Debian Linux.

Some other backup software include Backup Maker, device driver backup, and registry backup software.

How to Backup files?

  • In order to create a backup, a configuration file must be created to hold the backup related information. Create the configuration file and store it in the location you want. Storing it in the backup media will be more rational.
  • Editing, (i.e) updating the configuration file can be done by opening the ‘.keep’ file and using the edit option available.
  • Adding archives to a backup set can be done. A single archive for all files and directories / multiple archives for each directories can be created depending upon the need. Open an Empty Backup Set and click ‘+’ to add archives. Set the path for the archive to be stored.
  • Additionally, merging backups is possible. Each time a new backup is performed, Keepback checks for older backups that can be merged. Merging is done automatically based on the archive settings, which can also be customized. The time fields in the options can be edited to have merged backups.
  • Adding Folders into the archives is simple. The users can choose those folders that need to be in the backup and those that are to be removed from the archive.
  • For every backup a filter can be created to include files and limit the number of directories and files in the archive. Once finished, the changes made to the folders, archives and the backup set can be saved.

If you want to backup your files online, check Mozy, or Dropbox.

Thus Keepback is a robust application to have organised backups of important files on secondary storage media. Download KeepBack free here.

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