CKZ Time Clock: Free Employee Time Clock Software

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CKZ Time Clock is a free time clock software which can be used for up to three employees. CKZ Time Clock software easily records the clock in and clock out of your employees. CKZ Time Clock  is an ideal time clock software for small business.

This software can generate automated time card payroll reports for the employees that can be printed. The report can be exported into PDF format, Excel format, and Word format. You will be able to view and edit the clock in/clock out time and date.

Here are some of the features of this free CKZ Time Clock:

  • CKZ Time Clock is a free time clock software that allows you to easily set the clock in and clock out of the employees by selecting the employees’ name
  • The administrator can automatically clock in or out the employees
  • The administrator can administer can control all the features of the program including the payroll reports
  • The administrator can get a brief overview of the employees that are clocked in and the clock in time
  • The Edit Employee Information lets you update the information of the employees including employee ID, name, address, telephone number, birth date, email address, reg rate, ot rate, birth date, job title, employee, and supervisor
  • The Edit Employee Punches lets you edit the clocked in and clocked out time and date
  • You can generates a time card detail report for all the employees
  • The Time Card Detail Report can be exported into PDF, Excel files, or Word files.

CKZ Time Clock is a free time clock software that allows you to keep track of the punctuality of the employees. With CKZ Time Clock, you no longer have to use old paper time cards to manage the employees.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 1   Average: 5/5]
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