Free Online Floor Planning And Interior Design Software: Planner 5D

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Planner 5D is a free online floor planning software where you can easily create both interior and exterior home designs. Everything from creating room layouts, furniture layouts and even up to a point changing the way that your home will look from outside, like lawn, trees, paths and lighting can be setup in this free floor planning app. Works of others and yours too can be accessed/shared using a gallery.

Part of Planner 5D’s interface can be seen on the image below. This is the left panel where objects which you can add to the floor plan can be found. Four tabs in the upper left corner of the screen are for switching between room layout setup tools, objects for interior and outdoor designing and for managing layers.

Planner 5D default window

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Furniture can for example be turned off from the floor plan and you can turn on only dimensions, to see how big the room and the home whose floor plan you’re setting up is.

Planner 5D right part of the interface

Right sidebar also has some very important options, the most interesting being the 3D button which you can see all the way in the top left corner. Once that you have your layout setup, clicking on the 3D button will allow you to walk through a 3D rendering of your new floor plan. Key features of Planner 5D – free online floor planning software are:

  • Web based – you only need a web browser – there’s no installation
  • Home layout – add rooms, windows, doors, partitions, stairs, columns
  • Interior design – large selection of furniture, appliances, decor
  • Exterior design – fences, paths, lawns, trees, plants, garden furniture
  • Layers – furniture can be turned off and only measurements showed
  • 3D view – once that you’ve created a floor plan 3D preview is available

How to create floor plans and interior designs with Planner 5D

Before you can create anything, you need to register an account. There’s a demo that’s available, which allows you to test out the features of Planner 5D, but if you plan on saving your work, you’re gonna have to register your account.

Planner 5D adding devices

Using tabs on the left, find whatever it is that you want to add, and drag and drop it to the floor plan on the right. On the image above we already have a floor plan, but the same thing goes for setting up everything, drag and drop objects from the Construction tab until everything is the way you like it.

Planner 5D vieweing 3D floor plan

Click on the 3D button from the top of the right sidebar to view the created floor plan in three dimensions. You can walk through it like you would in a video game, a first person shooter type of floor plan preview. When you’re done, your work can be saved, shared in the gallery or shared with your friends using social networks, all of which can be accessed from the right sidebar.


Planner 5D is in a lot of ways better than most floor planning applications. If not because of the fact that it comes to a very large selection of available objects and models, then definitely because everything is very easy to use and it’s online. Try it, you just need to open up a website to start creating floor plans.

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