Sweet Home 3D: Free Interior Design Application to Arrange Furniture

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Sweet Home 3D is a free interior design software that lets you design plan of your home in 2D, and then arrange furniture in your home. As you arrange furniture, you can see a 3D view of your plan, alongwith the furniture that you have arranged.

Sweet Home 3D is a very easy to use free interior design software. It has both a download version, as well as online version. However, online version did not work for me, so it would be better to stick with download version. Some other home design software we reviewed earlier include Project Dragonfly, pCon.Planner, and Placepad.

This free interior design software comes with numerous visual guides to draw plan of your home. Once you have drawn the plan of your home, you can add doors and windows to it. To do that, you can choose doors and windows from a catalog available in Sweet Home 3D. As you add windows and doors to your plan, the 3D view keep refreshing to give you a preview of how your home looks.

After this, you can add furniture to your home. Again, you can choose furniture from a vast catalog of furniture that this free interior design software provides. You can choose any furniture from the catalog, and drap and drop it over the plan for your home. As you place furniture, 3D preview will refresh to show how your home will look after you have placed that furniture.

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Sweet Home 3D

Some of the great features of this free interior design software are:

  • You can upload blue print of your home. This speeds up creating initial 2D plan of your house.
  • You can draw walls in the plan by choosing Draw Walls button. This ensures that this free interior design software does not interprets all the lines as walls. Instead, you can specify exactly which lines are walls.
  • While creating doors and windows, you can specify exact dimension of them so that they closely resemble actual layout of your house.
  • You can add colors to walls.
  • You can open doors and windows to see that they do not hit the furniture that you have placed. This is quite a neat feature.

All in all, this free interior design software is very useful, and is a good first step towards deciding furniture placement of your home. Download free here.

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