FlipQuiz: Free Website to Create Flip-Board Style Quiz Games

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FlipQuiz is a freeware web service to create flip-board style test review games. Although it’s primarily aimed at educators, it can be used by anyone. You can use FlipQuiz to create custom quiz boards and add custom question categories to them. The quiz boards can be created just using the questions, or by including the answers as well. This makes it possible to use the quiz boards as virtual flashcards too. And of course, all of your quiz boards are synced and saved to your free account, so they can be re-used any number of times as desired. Sounds cool, right? Head past the break to find out more.

flipquiz header

FlipQuiz is an amazing freeware web service that’s sure to excite elementary school teachers. It can be used to create quiz boards and fill them up with questions, which can be classified into categories, based on topics, subjects etc. You can either just create question based quiz cards, or include their answers as well. Thus, the quiz boards can be used as flash cards too. The best thing is that, unlike physical quiz cards, which have none to limited re-use, FlipQuiz’s virtual quiz cards can be re-used over and over again, and are saved to your free account, making them available on any computer via a simple login. Let’s see how it works:

FlipQuiz: The primary Web UI

Sign up is the usual process; click the sign-up link at the top right corner, provide the details like username, password, email etc. and you’re done. After signing up, you are straight away logged into your account. Here’s how it looks like:

flipquiz ui

As illustrated by the above screenshot, the primary web UI of FlipQuiz isn’t too cluttered, and just has a few buttons and options here and there. You can create new quiz boards using the Green Create a Quiz Board button. The My Profile button lets you manage your profile information like display name, bio etc. All of your created quiz boards appear in the main display area.

How to create a new Quiz Board in FlipQuiz?

Step 1: Click the Create a Quiz Board button to access the board creation screen. Here’s how it looks like:

create board flipquiz 1

As illustrated by the above screenshot, each quiz board can have a maximum of six categories of questions. Furthermore, each category can have a maximum of five questions. You can choose to either add only the questions, or their answers as well (each of the question box has a corresponding answer box below it). The questions and answers can be formatted with standard text formatting options (Bold, Italics, Underline etc.). You can even embedded online images and hyperlinks as references to questions and answers.

Here’s a sample quiz board, with both questions and answers added, under the sample category “Smartphones”.

flipquiz qanda board

Step 2: If you want, you can add an optional image and tags to make your quiz board distinct. Once these are done, click Create Board, and your quiz board is created. The next screen gives you a final summary of the added questions and answers. You can edit the questions and answers added to the quiz board here. Check out the screenshot below:

create board flipquiz 2

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How to use created Quiz Boards?

Obviously, once your quiz board has been created, you can use it to quiz your target audience (students etc.). To do that, all you have to do is click on Presentation View icon after the name of your board. In presentation view, your created quiz board is presented in full screen (optional), and can be interacted with, using mouse pointer. Here’s a little animated graphic, showing it doing its thing:

flipquiz in action

As illustrated by the above animated graphic, the quiz board looks pretty great in action. After all the questions have been asked, you can simply click on their point tiles again and they are available for re-use. What’s more, in presentation mode, each quiz board has a unique URL. You can share this unique URL to share your quiz board with others. And the recipients don’t even need a FlipQuiz account to use it. How cool is that?


FlipQuiz is a great freeware service, especially for educators, as it makes tedious (but important, nevertheless) activities like quizzes fun and interactive. Features like easy addition of questions and answers, ability to embed online images and hyperlinks, and re-usable quiz boards make FlipQuiz even more amazing. And of course it is free, and all of your quiz boards are saved to your account. I suggest you do give it a try, you’ll love it (and so will the kids).

Try FlipQuiz here.

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