5 Free Spelling Websites To Teach Spelling To Kids

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Here is a list of 5 free spelling websites that can enable both teachers and parents to teach spellings to your kids through interesting games. All these spelling websites come up with different methods and games that aim to indulge students and help them in learning spellings. Teachers can use these websites in classrooms as well. These websites have something useful for everyone as there are games for higher grade students as well. Apart from just the spellings, you can also teach kids how to differentiate between two words, how to spell them, and more.

The free spelling websites that I have reviewed in this article are Kidspell, Catch The Spelling, Spin and Spell, Teacher Scholastic, and Alpha-Bot game.


Kidspell-spelling websites-home page

First in this list of free spelling websites is Kidspell. This website comes with lots of spelling games, divided into different categories as easier, harder, & hardest, and a long list of lessons. There are different and multiple lessons for every grade and each lesson contains a set of words. You can also create your own lesson and enter words of your choice in it. Now, you have to pick up a particular lesson and then pick up a game that you want to play. The set of words, in your chosen lesson, will be used in the game you choose and you have to play with them. There are games like Missing letter match, Letter drop that you can play. These games pick up the set of words you chose and enable you to learn them while playing. You can learn spelling of these words, how to pronounce them, and more. Kidspell is a very interesting platform that comes with a very long list of lessons and covers lots and lots of words.

Try Kidspell here.

Catch The Spelling:

Catch The Spelling

Catch The Spelling is next in this list of spelling websites. A lot about this websites can be judged from its name itself. The website aims to teach you spellings of different vocabulary words in an interactive manner. It contains lots of words divided into different categories and marked as easy, medium, or difficult. You have to pick up an option from any of the given categories and play the game. In the game, there is a word shown in the background, along with its definition, and letters for that word keep falling on your screen like raindrops. You have to catch the relevant letters and complete the word. For every wrong letter caught, one point is deducted from your score. As you keep forming the words the game continues to move forward, enriching you with lots of spellings in the process.

Try Catch The Spelling here.

Spin and Spell:

Spin and Spell

Spin and Spell is third in this list of spelling websites. Teachers and Parents can use this easy to play game to make their children learn spellings. When you visit the home page you will find a Dial in centre with different categories around it. These categories contain different items that we use in our day-to-day life. You can make your student select a category and choose a particular item in it. On the dial, you can teach your students the spelling of the item they chose. The dial has all the alphabets on it and you have to click on the correct ones. This way children get to learn lot of spellings while playing an interactive game.

Try Spin and Spell here.

Teacher Scholastic:

Teacher Scholastic

Fourth in this list of spelling websites is Teacher Scholastic. This websites performs a lot of other functions as well and you will find a Spelling option in the tools tab of the website. This spelling option contains 4 different games that you can use to teach spelling to kids. In one of these games (spelling wizard), you can make a list of 10 words and arrange them into a puzzle or scramble them. Your students will then have to find those words in that puzzle and rearrange the spelling in correct order, respectively. You can make a new set of words every time, hence enabling you to teach as many words as you want. In another game (Clifford’s letter match), you can make children understand the sound of a particular word and how to spell it.

Try Teacher Scholastic here.

Alpha-Bot game:

Alpha-Bot game

Last, but not the least, in this list of spelling websites is Alpha-Bot game (the game is less intense then its name).  This is a very interesting game that can be played in a classroom to involve the students. You have to begin by selecting a difficulty level. Next, after you choose the difficulty level, you will see all the alphabets distributed randomly in separate rows & columns. These rows & columns can be moved in any direction. You have to click on the Audio button and hear a word. The word you heard has to be arranged correctly on that board. To compile the spelling of that word, you can move alphabets in any direction and also lock them. The word has to be arranged in the highlighted space, in the centre. Hit the check button when you are done and gain scores.

Try Alpha-Bot game here.

All these 5 spelling websites can be used in classrooms and at home to teach spellings to kids.

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