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Anatine is a free Twitter software for Windows. This Twitter client for Windows comes with all the basic Twitter features. It displays tweets of people you are following on the home tab. It lets you tweet, send and receive direct messages, and search for any Twitter handle or Trending Hashtags. In terms of interface, Notification and Messages also have separate tabs.

There is no official desktop software for Twitter, especially since Twitter made Tweetdeck web-only (though, there is an unofficial desktop client for Tweetdeck). Opening browser all the time to login to your Twitter account might seem unpleasant, so there comes the need of a third party Twitter client. And, Anatine surely can take care of your basic Twitter needs. But, Anatine doesn’t let you access multiple accounts at a time, unlike may other Twitter desktop clients.anatine_home_7-7-16

Using This Free Twitter Client for Desktop:

Anatine is a portable desktop Twitter client, so you don’t really need to install this software. You just need to extract the downloaded ZIP file of the software and run it. A Twitter login window pops out on running the software, on logging in, interface of Anatine appears.

It has four tabs on its interface named Home, Notifications, Messages, and Search Twitter.

  • Home: It is the first window that opens after logging in to Anatine. It has the option to create a new tweet  on the top right side of this tab. It has tweets of all the profiles you follow on Twitter. You need to scroll upward in order to view new tweets. External link with any tweet opens in your default browser on clicking. The basic options of Reply, Retweet, and Likes are also present with every tweet, as on You can even quote a tweet while Retweeting it. Clicking on any tweet opens another window with details of that tweet.
  • Notification: This tab basically keeps the log of all the notification you have got. It stores the notifications of all the Follows and Unfollows , all the Mentions , and all the Retweets and Likes you get.anatine_notification_7-7-16
  • Messages: This tab stores all the Direct Messages you send and receive.
  • Search Twitter: In this tab you can search any Profile or any Hashtags (#). And, by default it shows all the latest trending Hashtags.anatine_search_7-7-16

There is no direct option to go to your own profile but you can visit your profile by using keyboard shortcut “g” and “p”. Your profile window has three tabs:

  • First tab is Tweets, it has all of your tweets and retweets.
  • Second tab is Media, which displays all the media files shared by you.
  • And, the third tab is Likes, it shows all the tweets you have liked so far.

The option to edit your profile is also available on this window. You can edit basic info of your profile, change password, and change your email here.anatine_ownprofile_7-7-16

Other profiles also open as your own profile with a choice to Follow or Unfollow them. There is also a list of actions available on other profiles named View List, Mute, Block, and Report.anatine_7-7-16

Keyboard Shortcuts: There are certain features that cannot be accessed from the interface, but shortcut keys have been assigned to execute them. Some of these shortcuts are:

      • New Tweet: “n”
      • New DM: “m”
      • Go to Home: “g” “h”
      • Go to Profile: “g” “p”
      • Next Tab: “ctrl tab”
      • Previous Tab: “ctrl shift tab”
      • Page Up: “ctrl u”
      • Page Down: “ctrl d”
      • Go to Likes: “g” “l”

Find more shortcut keys here.

Final Verdict:

Anatine is a good free open source Twitter client for those who spend a lot of their time on Twitter. Its user interface is very similar to that of twitter app on your smartphone, making it very easy to use. The only problem it has is that it doesn’t let you use multiple accounts at a time. Other than that, its a great free twitter software for Windows PC.

Get it from here.

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