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ManageEngine SQL Health Monitor is a free SQL Server Monitoring Tool that can monitor MS SQL servers in a network, and alert administrator if some usage parameters increase the threshold. It is a free tool to monitor MS SQL servers, and can monitor 2 SQL servers simultaneously. You can install it on your desktop, and monitor SQL servers in your network.

This free MS SQL server monitoring tool provides a nice dashboard that gives you a quick overview of the SQL server usage, like CPU Usage, memory usage, cache, and more. You can see details of any particular SQL server if you want. If some SQL server parameter value increases from the threshold, it will show alerts on the dashboard.

SQL Server Monitor

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Here are the values that are monitored by this free SQL Server Monitoring Tool:

Server Details:

  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • Disk Utilization

SQL Server Session Statistics:

  • Active Database connections
  • Logins per second
  • Logouts per second.
  • Batch Requests per second
  • SQL Compilations per second
  • SQL Recompilations per second

SQL Server Buffer Details:

  • Buffer Cache Hit Ratio
  • Checkpoint pages per second
  • Lazy writes per second
  • Page reads per second
  • Page writes per second
  • Total Pages
  • Free pages

SQL Server Memory Details:

  • Granted Workspace Memory
  • Maximum Workspace Memory
  • Optimizer Memory
  • SQL Cache Memory
  • Target Server Memory
  • Total Server Memory

Locks and Latches details:

  • Deadlocks per second
  • Lock Waits per second
  • Latch Waits per second
  • Average Latch Wait time

SQL Server Database Details:

  • Active Transactions
  • Database Size
  • Log files used
  • Log cache Hit ratio
  • Transactions per second

You can see details of these features here.

This tool comes from the makers of Free Ping Tool, and free Windows server monitoring tool.

As you can see, free MS SQL server monitoring tool provides a large array of parameters that you can monitor on SQL Server. However, because of the limitation of being able to monitor only 2 servers at a time, it is good for small sized enterprises only.

Download ManageEngine SQL Health Monitor free.

Editor Ratings:
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