Free Windows Server Monitoring Tool: Windows Health Monitor

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Windows Health Monitor is a free windows server monitoring tool that lets you monitor up to 10 Windows servers together. It is a desktop tool that shows you important server parameters of Windows servers. You can keep track of server memory usage, disk usage, bandwidth usage, Application monitoring, and more. You can even set threshold levels to get alert if resource usage on servers exceed those levels.

This free windows server monitoring tool is ideal for Network administrators who want to keep an eye on lot of servers together. Instead of logging into each individual server to see resource usage, they can just login to this desktop application, and see details of all the servers together.

This free windows server monitoring tool presents info in form of nice graphs and reports, which makes it easy to comprehend the information.

Windows Health Monitor comes with a nice dashboard which shows you details of all the servers together. It shows the servers that have highest CPU utilization, CPU with highest Memory Utilization, and CPU with highest Disk Utilization. This info ensures that you can focus on the servers that are having high resource usage.

Windows Health Monitor Dashboard

You can also click on name of any particular server to get more details about that server. In that mode, it shows all the basic details about the server (like, IP address, processor, OS, etc.). It also shows resource utilization for the server.

Windows Health Monitor

One of the best part of this free windows server monitoring tool is that allows you to set thresholds for resource usage. For example, you can set thresholds for Warning and Critical alerts. When a server resource usage exceeds these levels, you will get alerts in dashboard. This is a good option to configure memory usage alerts and CPU usage alerts.

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Here are the usage parameters that this free windows server monitoring tool tracks:

(this info obtained from here)

Server Resources

  • CPU Utilization
  • Memory Capacity
  • Memory Utilization
  • Available Memory
  • Total Disk Space
  • Free Disk Space
  • Disk Read
  • Disk Write

Server Resource Types

  • Disk Type Deatails
  • Memory ⁄ RAM Type Details
  • Processor Details like type – manufacturer information
  • Operating System(OS)

Application Availability

  • Availability of Exchange server
  • Availability of SQL server

Dashboard View

  • Top resource users details for CPU , Memory , Disk

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Windows Health Monitor is a great tool for network administrators to proactively keep an eye on Windows servers. This free server monitoring tool supports up to 10 Windows server. So, it is ideal for small enterprises which do not have too many servers.

Download Windows Health Monitor free.

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