4 Free Online FPS Games

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Here is a list of 4  free online FPS games. These are free first person shooter games that you can play by simply creating free accounts and without any download. These are all flash based games and you are required to make sure that the pop ups are enabled to play these games. The quality of the games in terms of graphics have not been compromised with and you get to play games with amazing graphics. After all, graphics are the soul of any gaming platform. Let us find out more about these online FPS games.

The 4 online FPS games reviewed in this article are Team Fortress 2, Zombie Assault, Strike Force Heroes, and Rapid Game.

Team Fortress 2:

Online FPS games

First in the list of free online FPS games is Team Fortress 2. The game has been available on the website for a long time now ( over 7 years) and the credit for this success goes to its easy gameplay and straightforward features. It offers you 9 different characters to play with and four different modes to choose. You can also choose whether you want to battle with enemies or machines. But, first you are required to create a free “Steam” account after which you can get on with the fun.

The four different modes offered by the game are Multiplayer, Co-OP, Servers, and Training (further divided into Basic training and Offline Practice modes). While the first and the last modes are self-explanatory, the other two demand explanation. The Co-Op mode lets you come together and form a team with different players. All the players then fight against a common enemy i.e. combat robots who have entered the Earth. On the other hand, the server mode lets you connect with any of the available online servers and play. There are different servers available and some of them even help you in playing via chat.

Team fortress has a lot more to offer. The controls are fairly easy and can be learnt as you start playing by clicking the above given link. Read more about the game from here.

Zombie Assault:

online FPS games

Another option among online FPS games is Zombie Assault. This is a good looking FPS games that comes to you with some amazing graphics and easy to understand controls. You can choose to create a free account in order record your achievements and progress, or choose to play as a guest. Once you have decided upon it, the game begins with an introduction. There are three different characters to choose from and you can also customize the chosen character. The controls can be learnt easily as they are pretty simple, and there are 4 different modes to choose. While each has its own advantages, there is no big difference in all of them.

The design of the game is such that you have to go through the 7 neatly designed challenges in order to beat your opponent. The game sets a situation that the entire humanity has been threatened by the zombies and you have to fight them to save the mankind. You can either choose to play single handed or go all out with multiple players. The choice is yours to make. Try it out from the link above.

Strike Force Heroes:

online FPS games

Strike Force Heroes is another free online FPS game that you can try your hand at. Both this game and the one given above i.e Zombie Assault are available on the same platform, so the sign up procedure is similar; you either sign up to register all your progress, or play as a guest. Once inside the game, there are 5 different heroes to choose from and depending on which particular character you choose, the game sets out different paths for you to accomplish. There are different campaigns, challenges that you can take or choose to play a custom game. The controls are given under instructions category on the right-hand side, and to acquaint you with the game there are tutorial games you can play. So, click the link given above and set out for a violent journey.

Rapid Game:

online FPS games

Rapid Game is another addition to the list of free to play online FPS games. This is a simple yet exciting to play flash based FPS game and comes with easy controls. All you got to do is use your mouse and arrow keys to position the gun and fire. The plan is simple; watch your enemies, aim at them, shoot them and clear the area. As you keep clearing up your enemies, you keep moving forward in the game. There are 3 different difficulty levels to choose from and settings like music can be adjusted manually. All the other important stuff like your health, ammo, enemies killed is displayed on your screen while you are playing.

Rapid game is a simple yet interesting game to play with decent graphics. Try it out from the link given above.


Apart from the above mentioned 4 online FPS games, there is one more website that provides you with multiple FPS games to play for free.


online FPS games

Y8.com is a free to use website that contains multiple FPS games for you to play. There no sign ups required to play these games, but if you wish to share your scores or something else, then having a free account will be helpful. It anyways does not take much time, so you better have one and then start playing.

There are different FPS games on offer on this website. You can play games like Red Crucible, Freefall Tournament, Combat 3, Special Strike. There are many more FPS games that you can choose from and they are all available on the home page. The controls are pretty simple and similar for all the games. When you open a game, the controls are given below the main screen. Go through them and start shooting. Try it out from the link given above.

So, go ahead and try out these different FPS games. In case you do not know what FPS games are or how they are played we have already provided a tutorial on our website explaining how these FPS games are played. You can read the tutorial and then come back on this article and go through the different links to play FPS games online.

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