Free Sound Recorder For Windows 8: BB Dictaphone

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BB Dictaphone is a free sound recording app for Windows 8. It features a neat and uncluttered interface, and hence, makes the task of recording sound very simple and easy. When you open up the BB Dictaphone app on your Windows 8 device, you are presented with a completely minimalist interface with an option that allows you to create recordings. Once the recording is complete, you can choose to playback the recording, delete the recording, or you can also copy the recording to your music library.

BB Dictaphone is completely lag free, and is designed in a way that it looks absolutely native to the Windows 8 ecosystem. BB Dictaphone has its control buttons designed to look like tiles present on the Windows 8 Start Screen. This app does not lag or hang, and is free from crashes of all kinds.

BB Dictaphone app can be downloaded for free via the Windows App Store.


Features of BB Dictaphone app for Windows 8

BB Dictaphone app is available for free from the Windows App Store. When you download and run this app, you will be presented with an extremely uncluttered interface. Upon launch of this app, your screen will look like the following screenshot.

dictaphone main screen

In the above Window, you are presented with two things: The New Recording tile button, and the My Recordings section. Clicking on the New Recording button begins the recording process. Once you have clicked on the New Recording button, the recording process will be initiated and your screen will look like the following screenshot.

dictaphone recording initiated

In the above Window, you can see that the recording process has been initiated. To stop this recording process, simply click on the Stop Recording button, which is the Red button with a white square inside it. Once you have stopped the recording process, your recording will be saved and it will be available for Playback (see the screenshot below).

dictaphone recording completed

Once the recording is complete, you will see a green box with the playback controls. This recording will also be shown in the My Recordings section. In the green box from which you can playback the recording, you have the controls to either play the recording, control its volume, and to delete the recording. To delete a recording, simply click on the trashcan icon at the top right corner of the playback box.

You can also perform several different actions via the control bar. To fire up the control bar, simply right click on a blank area. The control bar looks like the following screenshot.

dictaphone control bar

You can choose to Copy Files to Music Library (the button at the bottom left corner), View Categories or Sort files by name, date, type, duration etc. All these buttons are neatly present in the control bar (see above screenshot)

This is all that is required to be known before using the BB Dictaphone app for Windows 8. We hope that you will have fun recording sounds with this app. You can also check out other 5 apps for Windows 8 that record sound.

The Verdict…

BB Dictaphone is a nice app to have on your Windows 8 machine if you are looking for an app that allows you to record sounds with ease. My complaint with this app is that it does not have an option where I can select the recording quality or the extension in which I want to save my recording to. Apart from that, this is one excellent app to create amazing sound recordings on your Windows 8 device.

Get Dictaphone for Windows 8 free.

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