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F-Secure Rescue CD is a free rescue disc software that securely boots your computer and checks installed programs. The software can be used to repair and advance data recovery operations. If your OS is corrupted by malware or you think that your security software program is ineffective on some malware, then F-Secure Rescue CD is probably a reliable option to avail to protect your system from undue damage. The software will scan your system and quarantine the malware and will protect your computer system with its advanced technology.

F-Secure Rescue CD is independent of any OS, as the software has been developed in an OS which is derivative of Linux, it runs completely from the CD and allows the access to Windows OS and hard disk. So you need not worry, if your OS gets corrupted and you are unable to start up your Windows. If your system cannot be recovered than you can also transfer your data from your PC to your USB drive using Rescue CD.

F-Secure Rescue CD

However, F-Secure Rescue CD does not scan encrypted files and disk. You can download the software and create CD out of it to use the software. The software works perfectly well with USB flash drives. Using this software is also very easy. Just plug in your USB drive to your PC or if you have a CD, insert the CD and switch on the computer. The software will start immediately and screen will prompt you to use Rescue CD.

After you have seen screen with software prompt, the software will download the latest virus definition and then it is ready for you to use. Scan the PC for the malware and errors that are causing problems in your computer. You can also scan master boot records for the detection of malware. When scan is finished you can see the report and if the software has detected any malware, then the software will rename the files affected by the malware. You can also read VIPRE Rescue, Kaspersky Rescue Disk, and AVG Rescue CD to scan and remove maware from your PC.

Very interesting helping tool of the software is installing the updates of the software in USB drives. You can download the latest definitions of the malware from the internet to your USB flash drives and use them whenever you run the CD for security purpose. This feature gives you independence of having the latest virus definition to scan your computer, even at times when your computer cannot be connected to the internet.

While creating USB drive or CD for the Rescue CD to run, you must take care that the media used by you are secure and clean. Preload virus definition database updates to the USB drive to fix a computer without Internet access. Define proxies that Rescue CD will use to download updates. Set Rescue CD to skip the wizard and automatically clean the computer. If you can access the Internet from the infected computer only through a proxy, you can define proxy settings in the same config file to download updates through the proxies you define.

To use the application the minimum system requirements are:

• x86 compatible

• At least 512 MB of RAM

• Can start up from a CD

• Connected to the Internet or able to use a USB drive

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