How To Reload Images Without Refreshing The Webpage [Chrome]

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This tutorial explains how to reload images without refreshing/reloading the entire webpage in Chrome.

I bet all of us have faced the issue when we visit a webpage and some of the images are broken or only half visible. This happens for many reasons (like network connectivity), but we are not here to flash the light on those reasons but to get the solution to fix that issue. And here is a fantastic Chrome extension, known as Images reloader, to solve this problem.

This extension lets you reload all the broken images available on a particular webpage in a single click. You don’t need to go through the pain of refreshing the full webpage. This way, you won’t get distracted while reading a news or article, or viewing high-quality images, and also reload the some other images that didn’t load completely.

reload images without refreshing the entire webpage

The above recording shows how easily I reloaded the broken images using this extension.

We have also covered similar add-ons for Firefox browser: Show Selected Images and Image Context Menu.

Install This Chrome Extension To Reload Images Without Refreshing The Whole Webpage:

You can use this link to install this extension. Its icon will be added at the top right corner on your browser. Now open a webpage where you usually stuck while viewing the images or open any other page. If you see some broken images, give a tap on the icon of this extension.

It will immediately start loading those images and you will be able to see all those broken images.

broken images are reloaded by the extension

That’s it! You can use this extension whenever you are in such type of situation.


Images reloader is such a nice Chrome extension because it’s not that we face the problem to get broken images occasionally. It happens multiple times, isn’t it? Therefore, this Chrome extension is handy to help us reload the images.

Get Images reloader Chrome extension.

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