APB Reloaded: Free MMO Game For PC

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APB Reloaded is a free MMO Game available for free download on your PC. Take the role of an enforcer or a criminal and participate in this online multiplayer game.

APB (All Points Bulletin) Reloaded is a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) Game similar to GTA (Grand Theft Auto) game style, where you stroll along the streets of the fictional city San Paro and participate in missions. You may be bothered about the download size as it is 3.9GB. If you feel it might not work on your computer, then check this article Can You Run It to confirm before downloading.

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About Free MMO Game:

Visit this game website and you will be asked for your birth date details. Enter them and if your age is above 17 then you will be able to visit the website for download. Click on Download Now and a small software will be downloaded, just install it. This software is Gamer first Live software. Then the game download starts and it may take time depending on the connection as the download size is 3.9GB. After the download is finished you just need to install and get started.

After a small video on the story of the city San Paro, you will be asked to login. Visit the website and create a login and password. A confirmation email will be sent to your mail for validation. Click on the link to activate your account and return to the game. Login with your account and you will be asked to choose an area. Choose one of them and then you will be asked to design your character. Design the character and enter the game. Choose a point on the map where there are groups and you will start your game from there. All the functions will be mentioned during the game. For interaction press F and [WASD] for movement. Left click for shooting, right click for zoom, and scroll for changing weapons. Need more tips on this game? Then Click Here.

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Enforcer: If you take the role of an enforcer then you have to patrol the streets. Stop the criminals from committing crimes and arrest them. Enforcers gain access to wide range of weapons, but these are for only arresting the criminals; not to take them out. While on your way to arrest or investigate, you may be killed by some random guy. So don’t be vulnerable to threat. You can also request backup from your team. Earn money by completing missions and buy more upgrades.

Criminal: As a criminal you have to rob or mug civilians for money. You can also kill the enforcers and gain their hard earned money. Be a part of the problem and loot the city. You can pick up weapons by killing enforcers or by purchasing. Drive variety of cars, buy upgrades with the money you have looted, and have fun.

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This game is similar to GTA because you can get into cars whenever you like, you also have access to guns, loot money, play music of your choice, and complete missions. But in this game you have a choice to be a police or a criminal. You can also modify your car, you can design your own character, buy clothes, modify weapons, and much more.

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The sound effects and graphics are very interactive. You hear people speaking, shouting, sounds effects of road atmosphere, the cars engine, etc. If you are a shooting and action game fan try these free MMO game articles on: Prism and Red Eclipse.

Click here to Download APB Reloaded.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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