Hash Generator to Check MD5, SHA Family Hash Values of Files

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Hash Generator is a simple yet useful software that lets you check MD5, MD2, MD4, ADLER32, CRC32, HAVAL256-4, RIPEMD 160, WHIRLPOOL, and SHA family hashes in a single click. Each hash type generates a unique value (like MD5 Hash generates 32-digit hexadecimal number) for a file and helps to check the integrity of files. Using Hash Generator, you will be able to find out the hash value of files and can compare those values manually to find out whether files are duplicate or identical. Two files with same hash value of same hash type are said to be identical.

Hash Generator- generate hash values

Hash Generator is also able to generate hash value of any text typed by you. It could be used to check whether Hash Generator works properly or not. In screenshot above, you can see its interface where it shows all generated hash values of a file.

Some Key Features Present In This Hash Generator Software are:

  • Unlike many similar hash generator tools, like MD5 Checksum and SX MD5 Hash Generator, it is not limited to check MD5 Hash only. Multiple hashes are supported with this hash generator software including SHA family (SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, and SHA512). Only a single mouse click is needed to find out all the hash types and hash values of a file.
  • Any kind of file types, like videos, music files, setup files, text documents, are supported.
  • Also allows to generate hash for any custom text.

Hash Generator- hash values of a custom text

  • You can even drag n drop a file on its interface to quickly generate hash values.
  • It comes with portable as well as an installer version. You need to download the zip archive that contains both versions.
  • Results can be saved as text file, html, or xml file to destination location of your wish.
  • Available free for everyone.

How To Check MD5, MD4, SHA Family Hashes Using This Free Hash Generator?

Use the download link available at the end of this review to download zip archive of Hash Generator. After extracting the zip archive, you can either use portable version or can install it to PC. Choose any version and open its interface.

By default, File option is selected that allows you to generate the hash values of files. If you want, you can change to Text option and enter any text (not more 250 characters) to generate hashes.

Hash Generator- generate custom text hash

To check out hashes for files, use File option, and add a file either by dragging & dropping or by using Browse button. After this, use Generate Hash button and immediately it will start generating all the supported hashes for that file.

Hash Generator- generate hashes of file

All the hashes (including hash values and hash length) will be generated shortly. You can export the results as text, html, or xml file and can add another file to generate hashes.


Hash Generator is handy to quickly check files integrity and supports multiple hash types. But comparison feature is not available at present, that helps to find out whether two files are identical or not. Earlier we have covered MD5 Hash Check and Hash Calculator that allows to compare two files. However, Hash Generator lets you calculate multiple hashes as well as custom text hashes. So if you are satisfied to compare two files manually, then Hash Generator can be a good choice for you.

Get Hash Generator free.

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