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JustPaste.It is a free web application to share text, images and videos with your friends. This is a free online text editor in which you can type any text or even embed images and videos. It will then generate a URL for you that you can share with your friends. That URL will point to a web page that will have the text, images, and video that you want to share.

JustPaste.It is a good tool if you want to share large text on services like Twitter and Facebook. Instead of struggling with character limitations of these services, you can type the entire text in JustPaste.It, and then share the URL with your friends. You can even generate a custom URL.


JustPaste.It also lets you upload your document, and then copies text and images from that. It even preserves the complete text formatting.

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Here are the features of JustPaste.It online text editor:

  • Type text, and format it with various formatting options available.
  • You can embed images and videos in your text. You can even embed Youtube videos with your text
  • You can even write equations in LaTex syntax, and JustPaste.It will show that as proper equation.
  • You can import text from files on your computer. JustPaste.It supports doc, rtf, and odt files.
  • You can even copy from your Word document, and paste in JustPaste.It. JustPaste will be able to preserve the formatting of pasted text as well.
  • Similarly, you can copy text from a web page, and paste in JustPaste.It.
  • You do not need to create an account, or register for the service. It is completely free.
  • You can also download your text as PDF.

JustPaste.It is one of the best online text editor that I have come across. It makes it super simple to share text, images, and videos with friends.

Try JustPaste.It.

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