5 Stock Market Widgets For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 stock market widgets for Android which you can use to receive stock market updates and prices from the home screen of your Android powered tablets and smartphones. Traders have to know what the current stock prices are in order to be able to make correct decisions when to buy and when to sell. Since our phones are almost always with us, it makes sense to have a screen widget that’s going to report back prices of stocks that interest us.

That’s what I set out to find today for the Android platform.

Ministocks – Stocks Widget

stock market widgets android 1

Ministocks is a stock market widget app, which lets you setup practically unlimited number of stock widgets, in 4 different sizes, and each one of the widgets lets you track up to 10 stock symbols.

On the image above I’m using the largest of the 4 available sizes of stock market widgets. Tap on the widget after adding it to open up settings and there you’ll be able to add the symbols of stocks that you want to track. While you’re in the settings, you can also tweak the widget appearance (colors, font sizes, etc.), update interval (by default it’s set to 30 minutes) and a couple of other options.

Get Ministocks – Stocks Widget.

MSN Money

stock market widgets android 2

MSN Money can put and keep track of just 1 stock symbol per widget. On the image down below, on the three widgets that you see there I’m actually keeping track (prices wise) of just 3 stocks.

What sets MSN Money apart from Ministocks is that after tapping on the stock widget a window pops out which gives you more info about the selected stock, including recently published news. Rumors also have the tendency to influence stock prices, so just tap on the widget, and you’ll see all the latest info that’s going around about the selected stock. Price charts (for the stock), currency exchange rates are also available.

Get MSN Money.

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Stocks by Goldfish

stock market widgets android 3

Stocks by Goldfish lets you add your stock portfolio, unlimited number of stocks essentially, and then after your portfolio is setup, you can add a nice widget to the screen that will report back prices.

Widget info is very rudimentary, that’s why after taping on a stock from the widget you’re going to see a more detailed report on it, like the one on the image above. Price charts, opening price, high/low, 52 week high/low, sale volumes, price fluctuations in percentage points and more.

Get Stocks by Goldfish.

Smart Stock

stock market widgets android 4

Smart Stock will let you keep track of multiple stocks from a single widget, as you can see from the image above.

What you can’t see is that here also after tapping on a stock from the widget a more detailed window opens up, similar to the one in MSN Money, where stock price history is showed, as well as a news feed with all the latest news updates and developments about the selected stock.

Get Smart Stock.

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stock market widgets android 5

As far as stock market widgets goes, Ticker probably goes into top three stock market widget apps. The reason why I say that is because Ticker lets you create 4 types of widgets.

There’s a widget for tracking stats of global stock markets, a widget for tracking individual stocks, a widget for tracking combined values of multiple stocks, and another one for keeping tabs on your entire portfolio. App itself also offers a lot of data, and there are even alerts and push notifications for major shifts in prices.

Get Ticker.


Last two stock market widgets that I covered impressed me the most, Ticker especially, seeing how it lets you create several different types of stocks. Smart Stock has news updates, and lots of other useful info. Start with these two and let me know how thing went in comments down below.

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