4 Virtual Stock Market Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 4 virtual stock market apps for Android which you can use to practice stock market trading in a virtual environment, on your Android phone or tablet, without the risk of losing money. A lot of people would like to be Wall Street hot shots, but just because someone wants to be something, it doesn’t mean that they will get to be that. That’s the reason why most people have to settle for online trading, or in the extreme case virtual stock market trading apps like the ones down below.

Let’s have a look at these apps below.

Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

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Stock Trainer simulates a stock market to the letter. It even comes packed with insider trading reports, in case you suspect that someone might be up to no good.

Trading might be virtual and simulated, but the data used in the app is real. It’s pulled from worlds stock exchanges from United States, India, Canada, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore and more. An account has to be registered to start trading. You also get a limited sum of money for trading, to get you up and going.

Get Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading.

Stock Market Simulator

virtual stock market apps Android 2

In Stock Market Simulator you start with 10,000$ and it’s another stock market app centered around actual stock information that’s pulled from the US stock market.

App lets you easily browse through the list of stocks, search for them, it supports message exchange between profiles (sellers and buyers), the whole deal. Again to use this app you will need to register an account. It’s possible to exchange messages with other traders, track rankings, check who made how much money, etc.

Get Stock Market Simulator.

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The Game of Stocks

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Game of Stocks also has real world stock prices and quotes which you can pull from the Internet. You won’t need to register an account, and you get 22000$ initial balance which you can spend on stocks.

App lets you create and keep a portfolio, it has easy management over purchases, sales and stock orders. You trade with real world stocks, only in a virtual environment. Goal of the app is to find interesting stocks that are offered on the marketplace and once you do find them, try to buy low and sell high, the usual.

Get The Game of Stocks.

Stock Exchange

virtual stock market apps Android 4

Even though this virtual stock market app opens up with the Spanish language as the default, it easy to change the language to English in the app settings.

Account needs to be registered to use the app and trade stocks. Stocks can be browsed based on the stock market of origin (all the major stock exchanges are supported) or alternatively it’s possible to use the search tool to find stocks based on their stock ID. You get 10000€ of cash for initial trading.

Get Stock Exchange.

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Stock Trainer and Stock Market Simulator are my picks, make sure to install them first and give them a try before moving on to other apps that I mentioned. These two are my favorites simply because they have support for built-in messaging. Leave a comment down below telling me what you think about the covered virtual stock market apps.

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