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a-squared Hijack Free is a free system analysis tool that monitors the processes that are running behind the system. It display details information including file properties, file path, description, company, version, and copyright. It lets you know whether the running process is a service that is automatically run or open through the TCP and UDP ports.

The Port sections show the open ports. An open port indicates the presence of a running process from the port number. The Ports Manager displays details on the processes that listens on the port number so that you can end the process. You can kill the process by deleting the file, deleting the references, save backup or the combination of all three options.

The auto run lists the processes that are autorun on entry. It displays the name of the program, location of the program in the computer, and rootkey. It displays over thirty autorun locations. a-squared HijackFree shows the win.ini, system.ini, autoexec.bat, and config.sys other than the current user (HKCU) and all users (HKLM) autoruns. You can deactivate or delete an auro run program. The autoruns include every parts of the registry.

Here are some of the features of A-Squared Hijack Free:

  • a-squared Hijack Free is a free system analysis tool that shows detailed information on all the running process
  • a-squared Hijack Free displays all local open ports that listen on the port number from outside
  • a-squared Hijack Free software displays more than thirty autorun locations which can be edited
  • The Service Manager displays the installed services
  • a-squared Hijack Free software displays the plugins and addons of the Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer which are editable
  • This free system analysis software displays the Layered Service Providers Protocols that are installed on the network drivers so that you can monitor ads from spyware which are downloaded from the website through your browser
  • This free system analysis software ¬†shows mappings of IP addresses to host names in the host file
  • a-squared Hijack Free software¬†redirect ad network server names to localhost with Host file
  • a-squared Hijack Free software displays the Active-X modules (DLLs) in the computer
  • a-squared Hijack Free software transfer the malware to quarantine
  • The a-squared HijackFree Online Analysis shows all malicious autoruns, processes, addons and open ports
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