Off Road Racers: Free 4×4 Off Roader Racing Game for PC

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Off Road Racers is a free car racing game for PC. The basic plot of the game is as simple as it gets. A bunch of monster trucks compete against each other. The game has got four different Racing modes that are pretty much self explanatory : Contest, Race, Elimination, and Time Attack. The racing track runs amongst woods. The game has Energetic sound effects and appreciable visuals. And of course, you don’t have to spend a dime on it. This thing is totally free (see, we have F in ILFS for a reason) . The download size of the game is about 70 MB. Not a big deal I guess.

Off Road 4by4

You get to drive those big monstrous vehicles  (those Battlestorm types) with big wheels on them. Apart from the regular directional arrow keys used to maneuver your vehicle, there’s two more keys: R for reviving (The driving dead!) your vehicle if it bumps into an obstacle, and X for setting your vehicle’s rear end on fire (or Nitrous boost!).

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There are four different gaming modes:

  • Contest: This mode requires you to clear each of the race checkpoints in the provided time. The timer flashing on the top of your game screen shows you the time you have left.
  • Race: The good ol’ race. If you stay behind, you  lose (hold on to those giant wheels).
  • Elimination: Pretty much self explanatory. The time limit that you get here is 35 seconds. If you complete the entire lap in the time provided, you win, else go cry to your mama.
  • Time Attack: Here you will have to cross each of the checkpoints, in the provided time of 20 seconds. You can score your best, provided you clear each of the checkpoints before the time.

This off road racing game is quite addictive and I’m pretty sure you’ll be hooked from the start. The 18 different stages you get to explore serve as an added bonus. The game is a bit difficult to play, so you will have to spend a while practicing. Apart from these things, the exciting 3D graphics of the game and the hardcore metal playing in the backdrop can be considered as the USPs of the game.

You must be in a haste to get started with the game, so let’s get started.

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How to play Off Road Racers on PC

Step 1: The installation is the standard next .. next .. finish affair. So we’ll skip over that. The first thing that you will have to do is to type in your name. The next screen lets you choose one of the four available game modes.

Off road Racers Game Mode

Step 2: Next up, there’s just a small loading screen giving visual tips about the game, like, how to unlock more stuff etc.

Off Road Racers choose your ride

Step 3: The game modes have been already detailed above.  Controls (also mentioned above) are simple too. The directional arrow keys are used for maneuvering your vehicle, X provides the boost and R revives your vehicle if it bumps into something.

Off Road racers game page

That’s all of it, now go and have fun.


  • 4 different gaming modes and 18 stages to keep you occupied.
  • Appreciable graphics.
  • Free. 


The only thing that I found a unappealing is that the controls, while being simple, are not really that fine tuned. So it takes a little while to master them.

My Verdict

Based on everything, I’d rate the game as “good”. I’ve found it to be quite addictive. I’m guessing you’d feel the same way, once you try it. So head over to the link below and start playing.

Get Off Road Racers from here.

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