Merge Half Finished Torrent Downloads With mergetorrent

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mergetorrent is a free torrent optimization utility which allows you to scan multiple torrent files that you’re downloading using uTorrent, and if there’s a same file inside both of these torrents, they are gonna be merged together, so that if the file on one of the torrents is at 40% for example, and on another it has a certain percentage of the remaining 60, data will be copied, so that files are downloaded more quickly.

mergetorrent default window

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This is a very simple application, which can be seen from the screenshot above. mergetorrent is also portable, there’s no need to install it. Empty space on the left is reserved for the list of torrent files that you’re interested in combining. Controls for adding and managing torrents can be seen in the right sidebar. Key features of mergetorrent – free torrent merging software are:

  • Free with a very simple to use interface – easy to merge torrents
  • Portable – doesn’t require installation – can be used from flash drive
  • Merges and combines unfinished torrent files from multiple downloads
  • Works fast – only 1 minute is required in order to merge 1GB of data
  • Supports merging of torrents over a networks – from multiple computers

One of the most frustrating things about downloading torrents is when you’re downloading a torrent that stops half-way through. If you are interested in only one file from that torrent, and you find that file in another torrent that’s also not seeded properly, and stops halfway through, each one of those torrents have only half of the file downloaded. With mergetorrent, you can try and combine these two torrent files. If you’re lucky, file or files that you’re interested in will end up being complete and usable. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to merge and combine half finished torrent downloads with mergetorrent

This free torrent combiner works in sync with uTorrent, so you can only use it if you’ve downloaded your torrents using this free torrent client. First thing that you need to do is stop downloads and close down uTorrent. After that, you need to start up mergetorrent and there add both the torrents that you’re interested in merging, and all the directories and files that you would like to merge.

mergetorrent added files

Don’t worry about which is which, this free torrent merging software will figure out everything on its own. When you’re done, click on the Start button in the bottom right corner of the screen and torrent files and data are gonna be compared, analyzed and ultimately combined.


mergetorrent is a very useful utility which can be helpful when you need to recover files from torrents that have stalled and you can’t download it completely. If you’re gonna recover completed files will depend from torrent to torrent, but it’s worth giving a shot, especially if the files are important for you. The only drawback is that you can use this free torrent merging software with uTorrent. In any case give it a try and see how it goes. Free download.

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