Aquasnap Free Desktop Manager to Organize Open Windows

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AquaSnap is a free desktop enhancement software that lets you arrange and use multiple windows on your desktop. It works like the Windows 7 feature called Aero Snap.

With Aquasnap, you can snap the windows that you have opened to the border of the desktop and also minimize the windows by shaking the mouse. Hence, AquaSnap brings some of the features of Windows 7 to the earlier versions of Windows OS like Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Since AquaSnap makes use of one interface to manage the windows, it uses very less CPU and memory. Hence, it helps in improving the productivity of the system. You can simply download the application from the AquaSnap website and install it with default settings. Once installed, the application will remain on the system tray.

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Getting started with AquaSnap

You can start using this app by dragging a window to the corner of your desktop. When you do this, an icon will appear and you will be able to see what part of the desktop screen the window will cover. If you drag it to the side of the desktop screen, the window will expand to the right half or quarter area of the desktop screen. This application also works efficiently with multiple monitors.

Here are the key features of AquaSnap:

  1. It is a free desktop management application to arrange multiple windows on your desktop.
  2. You can snap the windows to the corner of the desktop screen.
  3. It lets you resize the windows to half or quarter area of the desktop screen.
  4. Simply by shaking you can minimize all the windows.
  5. It works like the Aero Snap feature found in Windows 7.
  6. It uses very less amount of memory and CPU.
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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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