5 Best To-Do List Software For Windows 10

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This article discusses 5 best to-do list software for Windows 10. To-do lists have always been an incredibly popular medium of managing and organizing tasks, having been used for everything from grocery lists to jotting down new ideas. And that’s still the case, but the only difference is that just like many other things, to-do lists have gone digital too. And considering how useful they are, it makes all the sense to have a great to-do list manager application installed on your PC.

Guess what, that’s exactly what this article is all about. These to-do list software not only let you create unlimited lists and add tasks to them, but also include features like reminders, color coded categories, and much more. Sounds fun? Let’s jump in and know more about 5 best to-do list software for Windows 10.



Looking at Wunderlist for the first time, it’s hard to ignore the visual delight it is. But the gorgeous looking interface is just one out of the countless features that make Wunderlist one of the most powerful to-do list programs for Windows 10. The application features a number of default list categories (work, private etc.) that you can add the tasks to. And of course, not only can you edit these lists, but create as many of your own as you want. Adding tasks to a list is as simple as typing away a task and hitting the Enter key. Apart from that, you can also add multiple lists to folders for better organization. You can add reminders to the lists, share them with other users, and even publish them online at a unique publicly accessible URL. Then there are goodies like instant printing, contextual hashtags, notifications, custom backgrounds, and synchronization of everything to your free Wunderlist account. To find out more, click here.

Task List Guru

task list guru

Easy to use, feature-laden and lightweight; Task List Guru is a robust to-do list manager for Windows 10. It’s an application that makes quick work of managing and organizing to-do lists, and looks good while doing so as well, thanks to a well-designed user interface. Task List Guru features a hierarchal task list structure, and you can add as many items to a list as you want. Furthermore, each item in the list can have a whole bunch of information added to it; such as name, priority, type, due-date, reminder & additional notes. The reminders can be snoozed, and you can manage memos and lists having non-actionable items as well. The created lists can be re-organized, sorted, printed, and even exported in popular formats like CSV and HTML. Then there are things like global hotkeys, clipboard support, database backup and more. To know more, click here.

Task Coach

task coach

You can go looking, but you won’t find a to-do list manager as comprehensive as Task Coach. Full of all kinds of simple (and not so simple) features, this open source application makes keeping track of personal tasks and to-do lists a cakewalk. You can create tasks, sub-tasks, and populate them with details like subject, description, due date, recurrence schedule, and reminders. The created tasks can be viewed both as a list or as a tree, and can be filtered on the basis of attributes too. What’s more, you can also add attachments to them by simple dragging and dropping files, and assign user-defined categories. Task Coach also lets you manage paid projects by having budgeted tasks. And all of this data can be exported in popular formats like CSV and HTML. To know more, click here.



Want a powerhouse to-do list application for Windows 10 that doesn’t look like mish-mash of a thousand different options? Todomoo might just be what you need. The application sports an extremely simple and straightforward interface, but doesn’t cut down on functions. Todomoo lets you create to-do lists and add virtually unlimited tasks to them. For each task, you can configure a variety of options such as description, priority, due date, timer, additional notes, and even payment (in the case of paid projects). What’s more, you can create as many color coded categories as you want, to which the tasks can be assigned. The hierarchal task structuring makes overall management and organization pretty simple. Todomoo can also be configured to automatically backup the database when it’s closed. Read more here.



Rounding off the list is yaTDL, a basic but great to-do list manager that can easily handle all your to-do lists without any hassles. Though it’s not exactly the most feature loaded to-do list program out there, but it get the basics right, and is perfect for those who just want a simplistic application without a thousand different options. Using yaTDL is pretty simple; you start off by creating a new project, and then you can add as many to-do tasks to a project as you want. For each of the added tasks, you can a due date and a color coded priority number (1-4). The tasks can be sorted on the basis of date or priority as well.  There’s also a nifty wizard, that lets you import/export the task list as a simple text file. To find out more, click here.


If you’re looking for some great to-do list manager programs for your Windows 10 PC, the above discussed applications should come in really handy. Try them out, and let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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