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Prezi is a free online service to create amazing presentations. With amazing, I mean really amazing!

Prezi can be used to create visually dynamic presentations with ease. It gives you a vast range of templates, loaded with easy to customize frames. You can also add images, videos, animations, etc. to add more effects.

Prezi lets you add frames (or slides) on a frame. To make the presentation even better, you can edit frame paths and arrange them in different sequences, such as: tree, chain, flowchart, etc.

For a free account, Prezi allows you a cloud storage of 100 MB to keep your presentations online. You can easily download and share the presentation or generate its embed code. You can even collaborate with colleagues for editing the presentations. And of course, you can deliver the presentations remotely in real-time with this powerful service.

prezi Create Prezi

This online service has many features, which make it better than most of other presentation tools, be it online and offline. But Prezi has a Pro version as well, so there are some restrictions with the free version. A couple of these restrictions with free service are quite serious:

  • All your presentation can be viewed by anyone using the link. No password protection available.
  • You can use only 100 MB storage space.
  • Prezi comes with desktop software for Windows / Mac, as well as apps for iOS as well. However, all of them work with paid version of Prezi only.

Another big limitation of Prezi in general is that you cannot save presentations in PPT or PPTX formats, to edit them further with other presentation software. The presentation can be downloaded in PDF or Prezi format only.

Features of Prezi Online Presentation Maker:

  • Prezi provides a vast range of templates and you can apply different themes on them.
  • Option to add frames on frame makes presentation very dynamic.
  • You can use different sequences for frame path (or slide show).
  • You can add background music, image, animations, videos, etc. to your presentation.
  • You can collaborate with colleagues to edit presentations. Changes will appear in real-time.
  • You can deliver the presentations remotely just by sharing the link.
  • Editable and view only links can be shared separately.
  • You can download the presentation as PDF file or portable prezi. You can also avail embed code.

List already appears very long and I feel I might still be missing on a few features. This tools definitely deserves a go!

Using Prezi to Create Presentations Online:

You can reach the homepage of Prezi by following the link available at the end of this review. Now, click on “Get Started” option to sign up and create a free account with Prezi. Sign up will ask for some of your basic details.

prezi Home

After that, you need to choose your plan. For free services, you need to click on “Continue with public presentations”. It will take you to “Your Prezi” page, which gives the option to create “New Prezi”. To manage your presentations better, you can also create folders by clicking on “New Folder”.

Prezi startup

Click on “New Prezi” to create a new presentation. On next page, you get to choose the template for your presentation. Click on the template that you want and then click on “Use Template”. If you want to work on a blank sheet, then click on “Start blank prezi”. Now, you can start creating presentation.

Now, you can follow these steps to create presentation online with Prezi:

  • Enter the title and subtitle in the provided text box. Drag them to the place that you want.
  • To add frame on the existing frame, click on “Insert” and then choose Frame.
    Prezi Insert
  • To work on new frame, click on it and then choose “Zoom to Frame”.
    prezi Frame Options
  • “Insert” also gives you the option to insert image, videos, shapes, background music, etc. on the frame. Click on any item to view the options available with it for editing. You can simply drag them to desired place on frame.
  • You can use “Editing Path” option to control the frame sequence for the presentation.
  • Click on “Save” button to save the presentation to your account.

Invite Colleagues For Collaboration:

To invite colleagues (who have account with Prezi) for collaboration on any presentation, click on the share button and then choose “Share Prezi” option. It will pop up “Share Prezi” window. In the invite people section of the window, enter the email address of the person you want to invite.

On the same window you’ll also get the link to share the view rights of the presentation. Using this link, anyone can view your presentation, so be careful, while sharing it.

prezi Collaborate Link

Give Presentations Remotely

Share button also gives the option of “Present remotely”. Click on it and get the link for remote presentation. Share this link and the audience will follow as you navigate. You can use this for a presentation of up to 30 viewers.

Click on the “Present” icon the left of share button to start the presentation (or slide show).

prezi Share button

Other Options With Prezi:

  • You can also download the presentation as PDF file or portable prezi. These option are available with share button.
  • You can change or add theme to make your presentations more stylish. To set a theme, click on “Theme” button (at the right side of Insert button), and then themes will pop up as a side bar. Select the one you want.
    prezi Theme and customization
  • You can add images from the inbuilt “Google Search” option, same feature is available for the videos from YouTube. You can upload the images and video from your local drive as well.


Prezi is not only a good option for creating presentation, but for presenting them as well. It has almost everything that you might ask from presentation tool; simple things like templates, media inserting options, to some higher technical stuff like: Cloud storage, real-time collaboration, presenting remotely. What more can you ask for?

Go to Prezi.

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