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PandaDoc is a free online document sharing service which you can use in order to easily send documents between you and your colleagues, customers, friends and familiy. It’s a free service that lets you upload documents online, edit them (add annotations and highlighting), send them to other people, keep track of when and if they get opened, and lastly make sure that the documents which you send are signed so that you can seal business deals faster and more effectively.

This free online document sharing service is also available on all the major mobile platforms so recipients can also receive and sign the documents that you send to smartphones and tablets. What you see on the image down below is the PandaDoc dashboard where something very similar to Facebook timeline can be seen. This is where you can share your thoughts and your document uploading activity can be kept track of.

PandaDoc default image

Contacts that you add to your friend list will be able to see your updates, so basically in a way, PandaDoc is actually a social network for document sharing. Left sidebar has a menu. Click on each of the buttons from the left sidebar will open up a different view in the rest of the interface on the right.

Key features of PandaDoc are:

  • Free and simple to setup: you just need to register an online account
  • Allows you to easily share and send documents between PandaDoc users
  • Social networking: connect, share statuses and file with others
  • Recipients can sign sent documents to confirm business deals
  • Connect to Google Drive and Dropbox and select files from there
  • Works with modern portable devices like smartphones and tablets
  • Documents hosting: host and store documents: all formats supported
  • Web based: host, manage and share everything with a web browser

Similar software: Crocodoc.

PandaDoc works with all the modern web browsers. You will need to register an account in order to be able to use it of course. It can be very impractical to send a large number of documents to a large number of different people via emails. This type of situation is often the case in larger companies, so if you need a more effective way how to save money and speed up the paperwork in your company, this just might be the thing that you need.

How to manage documents online with PandaDoc: free online document sharing service

Register an account and login. You will be offered to upload a document right away from the welcome message.

PandaDoc selecting file

Don’t forget to add contacts to your account by clicking on the Contacts button from the left sidebar. Once the file is uploaded, you will be able to edit it. In our case we uploaded an image and as you can see we can add text, text field, check boxes and signature boxes.

PandaDoc uploaded document

When you’re done editing the uploaded file, simply click on Send and it’s gonna be sent to selected recipients. After that you simply have to wait to see if the recipient opens the document and of course if it’s gonna reply back with a signature.


PandaDoc works great, offers a lot of useful tools and you can easily use it in order to change how you do business, or in other words how your business handles documents. Free to use.

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