Mixero: Best Twitter Client to Keep Track of Relevant Tweets

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Mixero is a completely Free Twitter client that makes it extremely easy to track tweets from only those who interest you. Mixero lets you organize your friends in form of groups, and channels so that you can easily look at just relevant tweets of your timeline. Mixero also lets you filter the tweets, and setup different set of tweets for your home, and office.

The biggest problem that I face with Twitter is too many tweets. I am following lot of people on Twitter. But the tweets from them become so many that I always end up missing many relevant tweets. Mixero makes it extremely easy to track your relevant tweets.

Here are the features of Mixero:

Create Group of your Twitter Friends:

Mixero lets you easily group your Twitter friends in various groups. You can even add some Twitter contact in multiple groups. Then, to see tweets of all the friends in that group, just select that group, and Mixero will show all those tweets. This is like the “Lists” feature of Twitter, but much easier to manage, and more useful.

Create Channels of Tweets:

If you want to track only those tweets that relate to your keywords, you can create Channels for those. Channels show your searches for Tweets. You can save your search, and then whenever you open that channel, Mixero will search all the tweets with those words. Another interesting feature is that when you try to name your channel, Mixero lets you assign some image from Google images to the channel.

Put Twitter Friends in Active List:

Active List is a list of your selected Twitter contacts, groups, and channels that you want to track in your timeline. Once you have created groups and channels, you can add them to your Active List to track all of them together.


Mixero lets you create separate settings for different locations. For example, you can set an active list for Home, another for Office, and so on. This ensures that you can track your relevant tweets based on your location.


Mixero also lets you further filter tweets of your active list, contacts, or groups. For example, if you want to just see the tweets with word Twitter, you can do that easily.

All the features above make Mixero a really easy to use, and very useful tool to effectively manage your tweets.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Mixero also comes with many other useful features that make it very interesting to see your timelines.

Here are UI features of Mixero:

Autocomplete: When you try to reply to someone by typing “@” and start typing name of the person, Mixero will automatically show the matching names from your Twitter contacts list.

Built-In URL Shortener: When you type a tweet that has a URL in it, Mixero automatically shows you an option for shortening that tweet.

Preview Pics and Videos: If there is a URL for Twitpic in your timeline, Mixero will show you preview of that picture in a small window.  If there is a URL for YouTube (even if shortened), Mixero will show a slideshow of that video, so that you can decide if you want to watch that video.

Customizable Panels: Mixero comes in a 3-panel form by default. However, you are free to add as many or as few panels that you want. You can create a panel for your channel, another for groups, and so on. You can resize the panels as you want, and arrange them any way you want to.

Mixero is full of features, and I am really happy with the way Mixero works. In short, Mixero is everything I ever wanted from Twitter :)

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