Count How Many Times You Visited Facebook Today in Firefox

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Conscious is a free Firefox Add-On that counts how many times have you visited Facebook today. Whenever you visit Facebook, it will show you how many times you have already visited Facebook today. It also lets you fix number of times you can visit Facebook in a day, and then it will block all subsequent visits.

In addition to that, it also lets you completely remove Facebook newsfeed (which we earlier did in Chrome as well). This is helpful so that you can only focus on updates that come via Notifications, and stay away from the infinitely long Newsfeed of Facebook.

Number of Times Facebook Visited Firefox

As you can see in screenshot above, whenever you visit Facebook, it will show a nice message that shows how many times have you visited Facebook already today.

How to Count Number of Times Facebook Visited Today in Firefox:

This Firefox Add-on is quite simple to use. You can get this add-on from here. Once installed, no restart is required, and you also won’t see the icon of this extension anywhere. However, it immediately starts working in the background.

After you have installed this add-on, whenever you visit Facebook, you will get the message like in the screenshot above. The message will be right on the homepage of Firefox, so you really can’t miss it.

Apart from this core feature, this extension also lets you actually define how many times you are allowed to visit Facebook in a day, and if you try to visit more times, it blocks that visit, and also shows a custom message (defined by you). See the message it showed in my case:

Block Facebook in Firefox

This is actually an optional setting. For this, you need to head to its options page (Firefox > Hamburger Icon on top right corner > Add-Ons > Extensions > Conscious > Options). This will open its Options page like below:

Conscious Extension Options Page

Here are some of the settings that can be done here:

  • Define number of times you are allowed to visit Facebook in a day (keep -1 for infinite). This is optional setting.
  • Define custom message that should be shown if you visit more than that number of times.
  • You can choose to hide or display the number of times you have visited Facebook.
  • Another interesting feature of this extension is that it also lets you remove Facebook Newsfeed. You can see the first screenshot in this article in which there is no Newsfeed.

All these settings are optional and you can choose to enable / disable any feature you want.


Facebook is an addiction for a lot of us, and there are a lot of tools that try to reduce that addiction, either by tracking time spent on Facebook, or show only relevant content in Facebook News Feed. Conscious is an interesting Facebook Add-On that is a step towards the same direction. Idea here is that if you know how many times you have already visited Facebook in a day, you will have a bit of self realization that maybe you have already spent too much time on Facebook. Frankly, the feature that works for me best is the option to completely remove Newsfeed or timeline in Facebook, as that is what is the main cause of addiction for me.

Go ahead and try this extension, and let me know if helps in reducing the time you spend on Facebook.

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