5 Vocabulary Testing Apps For Android

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Here’s a list of 5 vocabulary testing apps for Android which you can use to test your vocabulary in a number of different ways. Learning a new language or familiarizing yourself with your own language, the one that you currently speak, can be a bit daunting at times. Having a broad vocabulary can be of great help in life, both personally and professionally. These apps can not only help you test your vocabulary, but they can also help you learn.

Test Your English Vocabulary

Test Your English Vocabulary has several different tests that you can take, and also lots of educational games that you can play to help you expand your vocabulary.

android vocabulary testing apps 1

On the image above I’m going through a meaning > word test, where you’re given a definition and then your task is to match a word to that definition from the multiple choices down below. It’s possible to do the opposite where you’re given a word and then select the correct meaning from the offered multiple choices. Available games include anagrams, code words, who wants to be a millionaire, puzzles and more.

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English Vocabulary Test

English Vocabulary Test works just like Test Your English Vocabulary, only it’s simpler.

android vocabulary testing apps 2

It’s simpler in the sense that you don’t get vocabulary practice games and the dictionaries aren’t as advanced. Also, just 2 work modes are available, testing and learning. When in learning mode, you’ll be presented with a list of words and their meanings. Testing mode can be seen in action on the image above.

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GRE Vocabulary Builder

GRE Vocabulary Builder isn’t a vocabulary testing app, at least that’s not its intent, but it can be used for that.

android vocabulary testing apps 3

This is primarily for learning new words and expanding the vocabulary, but it teaches students with the help of Flash cards. In a sense you can then use this app, and the Flashcard approach it has to test how big your vocabulary is.

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3000 IELTS Vocabulary Test

3000 IELTS Vocabulary Test comes with close to 350 tests. Each test contains 10 words whose meaning you need to solve.

android vocabulary testing apps 4

Image above shows the beginning of test number 1. Answers are multiple choice, and when you finish by tapping on the View Result button you’ll be given answers to see if you’ve solved the test (words) correctly.

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English Vocabulary Test

English Vocabulary Test works just like 3000 IELTS, only it comes with a much larger database of English words, around 5000 words can be found.

android vocabulary testing apps 5

Test doesn’t require you to find word meanings, but to find antonym and synonym pairs. Each quiz has 20 questions, there’s around 250 quiz sets.

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From the vocabulary learning apps mentioned above I like GRE and 3000 IELTS the most. Mainly because of the clean and intuitive interface, because all the apps are pretty decent when it comes to functionality and the number of words that are available in the dictionaries. Let me know what you think in comments down below.

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