5 DeviantArt Extensions For Chrome

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Here’s a list of 5 DeviantArt extensions for Chrome which you can use to make browsing DeviantArt and using its many features a bit easier. DeviantArt is a social network for graphics artists. Extensions that I covered on the list down below allow you to do everything from easily searching DeviantArt images, even when you’re not on Deviant, to getting notifications when someone sends a message to your DeviantArt account.

Search on Deviantart

Search on Deviantart is a DeviantArt search tool for the Chrome’s toolbar which makes it easier for you to find images, drawings and everything else that users of DeviantArt have posted and made available to the public.

deviantart extensions chrome 1

Left click on the top right corner icon activates a small input box. Here you can type in the search term that you’re interested in looking up. Hit enter (or click on the Search button) and you’ll be taken to DeviantArt to see results.

Get Search on Deviantart.

dA Message Notifier

dA Message Notifier is a DeviantArt message notification extension for Chrome which will keep you in the loop about incoming messages and alerts on DeviantArt, even when you don’t have the DeviantArt website open.

deviantart extensions chrome 2

Number of messages in the inbox is showed as a counter on the top right corner icon. For the notifications to work, you will need to login to your DeviantArt account and grant dA Message Notifier access to it. Extension has extensive settings that you can tweak, like setting notification type, refresh interval for checking new messages and more.

Get dA Message Notifier.

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DeviantArt easy download

DeviantArt easy download speeds up download of images from DeviantArt. If you ever downloaded images from DeviantArt you’ll know that it usually involves a couple of mouse clicks.

deviantart extensions chrome 3

With this extension, you’ll just need to click once on the “Download faster” button and download will automatically start in a pop-up. Make sure to allow pop-ups on DeviantArt, otherwise the extension won’t work.

Get DeviantArt easy download.

DeviantART Collector

DeviantART Collector is another notification extension, but a different type of a notification extension for DeviantArt. Instead of notifying you about messages in inbox, it will keep you notified about new images posted by artists that you follow.


It will show notifications about new “deviations” in a counter on top of the extension icon. Refresh rate for checking for new postings can be adjusted in the extension settings.

Get DeviantART Collector.

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deviantAnywhere is a mash up of the two DeviantArt notification extensions that I covered up until now. It will keep you notified about both messages and new activities in your profile.

deviantart extensions chrome 5

In fact, by opening up the extension settings you get to choose which notifications you’ll be receiving, comments, deviations, news, forums and more. Look and feel of the extension interface can also be tweaked.

Get deviantAnywhere.


Out of the 5 DeviantArt extensions from the list above, I suggest that you give deviantartAnywhere, DeviantArt easy download and DeviantArt Search a try first. All three can be used at the same time, and that’s exactly how I suggest you use them. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

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