Facebook Calendar for Windows 8 App To Keep Track Of Friends Birthdays

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Facebook Calendar for Windows 8 is a free app to keep track of your Facebook Friends’ Birthdays. This app is designed in a Metro interface that complements the Windows 8 UI. The app is designed intuitively, and apart from acting like a calendar, the main feature that this app offers is that it acts as a place where you can view the birthdays of your Facebook friends. Apart from allowing you the facility to view your Facebook friends’ birthdays, this app is further made special by its ability to allow users to post birthday wishes to their Facebook friends from right within the app itself. The app runs smoothly without any issues on all Windows 8 machines.

Facebook Calendar is available for free via the Windows App Store.

fb calendar icon

How to use this app?

When you download Facebook Calendar for Windows 8 app and launch it, you will be asked to enter your Facebook id and password. This is done in order to allow the app to access your Facebook friends’ list, from where it then retrieves the birthdays of your Facebook friends. Once you are done with this, you will be able to see a calendar appear on your screen. This calendar looks somewhat like the below screenshot.

Fb calendar

As you can see, a neat calendar opens up in full screen view. This calendar shows the current date enclosed by a green box. At the time of writing this article, the date was 5th June, and hence, the 5th June date is enclosed by a green box.

Apart from displaying the current date, this calendar also shows the people who have their birthdays on certain dates. As is visible from the above screenshot, the profile pictures of the people who have their birthdays on different dates are displayed in along with that date. When multiple Facebook friends have their birthdays, their Facebook profile pictures will be shown side by side.

Now let us assume you want to wish your friend a happy Birthday. Just click on the person’s Facebook profile picture from within the app, and you will be taken to a different page. In cases where there are multiple users, just click on the person whom you want to wish. When you click the person’s Facebook profile picture, a screen like the following screenshot will appear.

(The screenshot below illustrates how the window will appear for a date when there are multiple birthdays, for a single birthday, only one person will be visible to whom you can send a Birthday wish. Hence, I’ve chosen the date 15th June from above window where there are multiple birthdays.)

person selection multiple birthdays

As there are multiple birthdays on 15th June, I can see a list on the left as to whom to wish. Suppose if I want to wish some other person, I’ll simply click on his/her name, and then type the Birthday Wish.

To wish the person, simply type the Birthday Wish in the text field below “Wish ‘XYZ’ by posting into the wall!”, and click the “Post to Wall” button below your Birthday wish. Your birthday wish will be printed on the recipient’s Facebook wall. To make sure that the application has published your Birthday wish on the Wall of the targeted person, the app displays a confirmation message as a popup. (see screenshot below.)

birthday wish

The confirmation message looks like the above screenshot. Simply click close button on the message to quit seeing the message. Now, you can click the Back arrow button on the top-left corner to return to the calendar screen.

This software is good because apart from offering you the functionality of a Calendar, it also integrates with your Facebook account and allows you to wish your friends who have their birthdays. However, if you are looking for a simple calendar app, you can try out the Calendar-7 for Windows.

This is all you need to know to use the Facebook Calendar for Windows 8. We hope that you will enjoy using this app.


Facebook Calendar is a great app to have if you want to wish your friends on their Birthdays without actually logging in to Facebook via a web browser. The user interface is absolutely beautiful, and the lack of ads make it an absolute treat for the eye!

Our only complaint with this app is that it requires an internet connection to fetch the birthdays of your friends every time. The app could have been designed in a manner that it could have just stored the birthdays of the Facebook friends locally on the system, thereby avoiding extra data consumption. If the app is launched when the internet connection is inactive, it just acts like a normal calendar, and does not display the birthdays.

However, the app is highly functional, and offers a great way to remember birthdays, and wish your friends. It definitely cuts the need to access the Facebook website simply to wish a friend, and the extremely beautiful user experience makes this app a treat for the eye.

Get Facebook Calendar for Windows 8.

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