Free Cloud Based Malware Scanner: Panda Cloud Cleaner

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Panda Cloud Cleaner is a free cloud based malware scanner which you can use to quickly detect infections on your Windows PC. This is a very simple scanner, which doesn’t have any kind of menus and like the name of the application suggests, its cloud based. Panda Cloud Cleaner can work just fine alongside any antivirus software that you have installed on your computer without there being any kind of conflicts.

Panda Cloud Cleaner free Cloud based malware scanner

Image above is what waits for you after installing and running this free cloud based malware scanner for Windows. Interface is very simple to, like we said, there aren’t any kind of settings or options for you to go over before starting the scan. The only thing that you need to do is click on the Accept And Scan button, and Panda Cloud Cleaner will do the rest.

Key Features of this Free Malware Scanner:

  • Free, fast, and very simple to use malware scanner, one step set up.
  • Cloud based scanning, malware patterns are scanned online.
  • Scans all file types like documents, videos, images, and registry also.
  • Can be used next to existing AV software that you have installed.

Next to Panda Cloud Cleaner, there’s also Panda Cloud Antivirus, offered by the same software developer. Both of these are cloud based malware scanners which means that files, more precisely file patterns like MD5 hash is being calculated and sent to the cloud server. There it will be compared with hash patterns of files which are known to be malware and if they match, Panda Cleaner will know that your file is infected.

How to Scan and Delete Malware with Panda Cloud Cleaner?

The only thing that you need to do in order to start the scanner is, like we already mentioned, to click on Accept And Scan button from the default screen.

Panda Cloud Cleaner scanning

This is both an advantage and a drawback. Advanced users will probably not be too happy about the way that this free cloud based malware scanner does things because you can’t control which areas are gonna be scanned. On the other hand, users who aren’t very experienced with this type of scanners will be glad that they don’t have to fiddle around with settings. Time that it takes for the scan to complete depends on the number of files that you have stored on your computer, and on how fast internet connection that you have is.

Panda Cloud Cleaner results

Once it finishes, you will be presented with scan results. Click on Clean and Panda Cloud Cleaner will delete all the malware infections which were found.


Panda Cloud Cleaner makes it very easy for people to scan their Windows computers for virus and malware infections. It’s very fast, and the fact that this is a cloud based malware scanner makes it sure that files are being scanned with the very latest malware detection patterns. There’s no more, oh i forgot to update my software before scanning, everything is done in the cloud and it’s practically always up to date. Download it free. You may also try Panda Cloud AntivirusImmunet, and Commodo Cloud Scanner.

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