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Basic PAYE Tools is a free UK payroll tax calculator for employers from the United Kingdom. It connects to government websites and allows you to both calculate taxes that you as an employer are required to pay out of your employees paychecks, and also makes it possible for you to easily submit all the various forms and paperwork that goes alongside them. All the other deductions like health care and social security contributions can also be calculated.

In order to use Basic PAYE Tools, you’re gonna have to have Flash for other browsers installed on your computer, at least if you’re using Windows. This free UK payroll tax calculator also works on Linux and Mac. On the image down below you can see the main interface which waits for you after running PAYE Tools.

Basic PAYE Tools default window

It is basically a web browser that let’s you browse special pages created for it on the United Kingdom governments websites. Left sidebar and toolbar at the top are all the menus that you get. Internet connection is required to use Basic PAYE Tools.

Key features of Basic PAYE Tools are:

  • Free and easy to use: calculate taxes easily and in a few mouse clicks
  • Works for employers from the United Kingdom: their govt website
  • Other contributions can also be calculated, health care, etc.
  • Form submitting: submit all government mandated forms easily
  • Cross platform: works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS (Intel CPUs only)

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This tax calculator can only be used by people from the UK, it is after all created and offered to the public by the United Kingdom’s Revenue and Customs department. It’s aimed at small time business owners where up to 9 people are employed. Here’s a few pointers to help you get started.

How to calculate taxes and deductions with Basic PAYE Tools: free UK payroll tax calculator

Make sure that you select the correct version of this free tax calculator, the one for the current year. You can find out more about which one you need by following the links down below.

Basic PAYE Tools adding employer

Database of staff is the first thing that you should be filling out. From the left sidebar menu click on the Employer Database and then follow the wizard that comes up. Here’s where you can add yourself and the workers that are employed in your company, the ones for which you need to perform tax calculations.

Basic PAYE Tools calculations tax

Now we get to the fun part of this free UK payroll tax calculator, the actual contributions calculators. To access them you’re gonna have to click on the Calculators option from the left sidebar. There’s also a learning zone option from the left sidebar where you can get familiar with all the intricacies of the calculators. There’s a lot of them, as you can see from the screenshot above.


If you plan on using Basic PAYE Tools, you probably already have experience with the tax system in the United Kingdom. Once you get used to calculation payroll deductions with PAYE Tools, you should boost your efficiency, because doing things electronically is usually much faster than filling papers, doing from one office to another and so on. Get it free.

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