Alphapad: Organizes Notes in Alphabetical Order

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AlphaPad is a free notepad software which can be used to save text in an ordered manner. You will be able to save text files in the alphabetical manner. Unlike other free notepad software, Alphapad presents a very interesting way to save and organize text files.

It lets you save 26 pages of text corresponding to alphabets A to Z, and one page for numbers “0-9”. So, if you want to index something under “A”,  you can easily do that.

It has got a really easy and quick navigation. The screen is divided in to two parts, on the left panel you will find the alphabets from A-Z in the form of buttons and on the right side you will see the text editor/viewer.

Besides the letters there is an extra button called “O-9”; here you can load the text files starting with a number. Therefore, we have 27 pages of storage. You can keep all the information you want to keep for a quick reference on these 27 pages. It’s just a matter of remembering the starting alphabet of your document to find the data when you actually need it later.


Let’s just check out some of the major features of this amazingly easy and quick application:

  • This application is best utilized when you want to store something in an arranged or listed manner. For example you may want to keep the list of your DVDs or books in a listed manner. This software is ideal in one such scenario, without any doubt.
  • There is a popup menu support with which you can easily find the cut, copy, paste actions in the popup menu. This popup menu is very stylish in its appearance and you will love the way it unfolds.
  • The text files are automatically loaded when you click on the appropriate button.
  • There is an automatic saving facility for the files you are editing. It doesn’t matter if you forgot to save the latest changes you have made. Whenever you go to the next button or close the application the software automatically saves the content. This reduced much of the headache. You don’t need to worry about losing the important documents which you have created.
  • Besides being very friendly to the users, the navigation is designed in a very stylish manner which makes it an instant hit with the users.

Alphapad is a very intuitively designed software. I completely agree with the quote on Alphapad website:

One of those time-saving tools that you never knew you needed, until now!

Now that I have read about this software, I can think about lot of uses of it. For example, as mentioned earlier, storing information about DVDs and Books in alphabetical manner. I work with many writers, and I can store information about them in alphabetical order of their name. Similarly, I can store information about websites. And lot more. The uses of this free notes organizing software are basically limitless.

Other interesting notes organization software we reviewed earlier include PigeonHole Notes organizer, Notebox Disorganizer, and TreeLine.

Download Alphapad here.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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