Free Software to Organize Notes: Notebox Disorganizer

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Notebox Disorganizer is a free computer software program that is used to organize your notes. It uses different ideas such as spreadsheets note areas and cells to organize your notes.

Notebox Disorganizer is divided into editor and note grid. To access them all you do is click on the notes in question. There are many different aspects that can be of help with this particular program. Exploded notes will save notes and allow them to be used outside of the Notes Disorganizer. Bookmarks so that you know where certain notes are at is a big help.

When it comes to using the Notebox Disorganizer free computer software program, it is easy to use. Organization of notes couldn’t be easier. Using different manipulation controls, you can organize your notes easily. It is a simple matter of drop down or click to access the note that you want.

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With the many different organizational tools, it is easy to get and keep notes together as well as being able to find them when you want them. Using the features that come with this program make it easy for you to get your notes organized. For some of us that is a major improvement!

Using Notebox Disorganizer free software program is very easy to do. Install the program into your computer, double click and you are on your way. This is a very small program at less than 1MB. You can use it and carry it with you. This unusual freeware is great for keeping notes organized as well as being able to jot notes when you need to. The controls work like a dream and there are really few controls for the mouse or keyboard with this software. This makes it easier for those of use to use who are a little challenged.

Features of Notebox Disorganizer:

  • Outbox- saving notes for use as well as semi formatted files of text
  • Bookmarks – Easy way to find notes that you need
  • Keywords – using these to mark notes
  • Exploded notes – allows for notation to exist outside of Disorganizer
  • And much more

Notebox Disorganizer follows a pretty different concept of organizing notes. However, I prefer to organize notes in a Wiki style by using a personal wiki software like Linked Notes, or Zim.

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