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FocusAtWill is a free online ambient music player which specializes in soothing and calming type of music to help you focus more easily and increase your productivity. Music that’s available ranges from classical, acoustical to slow jazz, oriental and several other types of ambient music genres. The only thing that you need in order to listen to the available ambient music is a web browser and an Internet connection.

Music player is the first thing you see when opening up the FocusAtWill website. The right corner has the music type drop down selection, for selecting the type of ambient music that you’re interested in listening. Playback controls are found in the middle at the top, while down below album art and artist name will be displayed.

FocusatWill default window

Arrow to the right opens up productivity statistics, where you can check and see how your productivity is increasing since you started using this free online ambient music player.

Key features of FocusAtWill are:

  • Free and very simple to use: start streaming ambient music in 1 click
  • Web based: the only thing that you need is web browser and Internet
  • Offers free online ambient music streaming, classical, acoustic, etc.
  • Displays album art and artist information as the music is played
  • Keeps detailed statistical information about productivity levels

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For the moment, FocusAtWill is offering free unlimited 3 week access. If you’re only interested in checking out what kind of music selection this free online ambient music player has, you don’t even have to register. After free trial period finishes, you get 100 free minutes of listening per session.

How to listen to ambient music online for free with free online ambient music player:

There’s nothing special that you need in order to start enjoying ambient music using FocusAtWill. Open up the website by clicking on the links down below. In the top right corner select the type of ambient music that you’d like to listen to and hit the Play button.

FocusAtWill selecting music type

Music should start playing right away. If you want more control over your account, to be able to save settings and also to upgrade, you’re gonna have to create an account. Eventually, if you decide to keep listening to this free online ambient music player, you’ll have to create an account, it’s required after trial ends.

FocusAtWill productivity tracker

One of the reasons why you might want to register is so you can keep track of your productivity. Detailed stats help you keep track of time that it took you to perform you tasks before FocusAtWill and after FocusAtWill.


FocusAtWill has a great selection of ambient music that you can access and listen to. Free accounts are more than enough to help you calm down and increase your productivity when working. Work isn’t the only place where you can use this free online ambient music player. You can also have it setup when you’re doing yoga, studying or any of the other activities where focus is required. Paid upgrade gives you unlimited access, if the free account isn’t enough for you. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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