Pin Soccer Game For Windows 10: Superstar Pin Soccer

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Superstar Pin Soccer is a free pin soccer game app for Windows 10. In the game, you play soccer against pins fixed on the soccer field. The game’s concept is very easy to follow. The players are fixed on the field and you have to shoot the soccer ball from the gap in between the players and try to hit a goal. You play against the computer, and hence after you play your move, the computer plays its move. The way to shoot the ball in a particular direction is – when you move your mouse, the entire field rotates along with the movement of the mouse. At the bottom of the screen is a kick meter which automatically rises and falls in strength. With the combination of the correct direction and the correct kick strength, you can score a goal!

Once the time runs out and you are at an equal score with your opponent (computer), the golden goal round begins in which the first person to score a goal wins the match. Superstar Pin Soccer is available for free from the Windows 10 App Store.superstar pin soccer main menu

Controls of Superstar Pin Soccer for Windows 10

Superstar Pin Soccer is based on mouse controls. Click on the kick button at the bottom right of the screen to kick and move the mouse around to rotate the field of view.

Main features of Superstar Pin Soccer for Windows 10

Running Superstar Pin Soccer on your device will present you with the below interface.superstar pin soccer main menuClick on the Play button in the above menu interface to be taken to the next screen which happens to be the type of game (Cup) selection screen. Initially only the Brazilian Cup is unlocked, but you can unlock more cups by playing games and winning.superstar pin soccer choose level

On choosing the level type, you will be prompted to choose your team. As mentioned earlier, all of this can be easily done by simply clicking on the corresponding icon displayed on your screen.superstar pin soccer choose teamOnce the team has been chosen, you will be headed into the gameplay interface itself.superstar pin soccer gameplayTaking a closer look at the gameplay interface, you can see that the scorecard is visible at the top left of the screen, and the kick button along with the power meter is shown at the bottom right. The power meter constantly moves up and down and its all about timing to get the perfect kick. You can change the angle of kick by moving the mouse around. When you have timed a kick perfectly, you may score a goal! superstar pin soccer goalThe game can be paused easily by clicking on the Pause button at the top right of the screen or via the Esc. button on your keyboard. When the scores are level and its time up, a Golden Goal round ensues in which the first person to score a goal wins. superstar pin soccer golden goalI unfortunately lost the Golden Goal round against the computer and hence the stats were as follows. These appear at the end of a match.superstar pin soccer resultThat’s it for the review of this game. You can surely have a lot of fun playing this game if you are a soccer fan. What’s great is that this game is pretty lightweight too!

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Superstar Pin Soccer is a nice little soccer game app for soccer or football fans all around the world. If you are on Windows 10 and love football, then this is the game for you!

I rate this game a 4 out of 5.

Get Superstar Pin Soccer.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 2 Average: 2]
Works With: Windows 10
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