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Interpre-X is a free real-time speech and text translator web application. It lets you communicate in a foreign language easily.

Interpre-X helps you translate your text or speech into another language in real-time. You can speak anything to the web application, and Interpre-X will convert everything that you spoke into another language. You can listen to the translated text as well. Furthermore, you can also type in your text, and it will be translated. Similarly, it can be listened to or read also. This Web App makes it easy to communicate with people of different languages. You can go anywhere in the world without worrying about communication issues.

How to use Interpre-X

Just go to the website of Interpre-X.

After loading, the website will look like this:

Interpre-X home

Here on the home screen, you can see two options, Listen mode and Conversation mode. Listen mode is for one device or user, while Conversation mode is for two or more than two users.

Listen Mode:  In Listen mode, you can write or speak anything and the tool will translate it for you. You just need to select the Source language, Target language, Interpreter voice between male and female, and sound on or off. Then you can either speak anything or write anything and the website will generate a translated text for you. You can see your spoken or written text in the left box and the generated output in the right box. The website can also speak the translated text for you, and for that purpose, you have to keep the sound On. The screen in Listen Mode looks like this:

Interpre-X listen mode

Conversation Mode: In conversation mode two or more than two people talk in the chatroom created. When you create a chatroom or start the conversation, you can copy the Room Code given above the chatbox and send it to other people who want to participate in the conversation. Or, if you want to enter someone else’s chatroom, you can ask them for the room code. In Conversation mode, you can talk to people of different languages. You just have to select the source language in which you will speak or write your messages. Next, you have to select the target language which is used by the receiver. And the other people will do the same. Now when you speak or type a message it will be sent to the person after translation. And the receiver will be able to both read and listen to the message in their language. And the same will happen for you when you get a message. Interestingly, all of this happens in real-time. In conversation mode, the website looks like this:

Interpre-X Conversation mode


Interpre-X is a very useful app that can come in handy in many situations. Using this website, it becomes easier to translate something into different languages. It’s accurate, fast, and easy to use. You can speak anything to it, and it will translate the message for you within a second. The best feature of this website is the Conversation Mode, which translates and sends the texts in real-time. Now you can talk to anyone who uses a language different from yours without having the trouble of first translating the texts individually and then sending them. You can chat directly because the website will translate the texts before sending them.

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