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JustFamily is a free private social network for family where the idea is that only family members can register and then share their thoughts, images, cool new photos, websites, and music that they come across and enjoy. Main advantage of this free private social network would be that you can keep family matters private, without having to worry about privacy settings and what you share with whom, which is the case with Facebook.

JustFamily private social network default window

Image above show us the homepage of JustFamily. To reach this step you need to register, and once you do that you can add your entire family. This is a combination of a family social network and a family tree maker, where after registration you can start adding your parents, siblings, wife, children, in-laws, and pretty much everyone else that you might have from your family. Even though the family tree creator is very decent looking, social networking is what JustFamily is all about.

Some Key Features of this Free Private Social Network For Family:

  • Free to join and use family focused social network with family trees.
  • Create groups for your parents, in-laws, distant cousins, and so on.
  • Share text, images, videos, audio, and links with your family.
  • Opt out and share something only to your in-laws, to your family, etc.
  • iOS app is available for integration with iPhone and iPad.

Even though Facebook is still very popular, there has been a lot of talk about privacy issues, and if that isn’t something that’s causing problems for you, then the possibility of inadvertently sharing something with everybody when you only wanted to share with your family might force you to look for alternatives. JustFamily is one such alternative, so let’s see just what exactly it has to offer.

How to use JustFamily?

Once you register and you reach the homepage of JustFamily, in the right sidebar you should see links for adding the rest of your family. Click on whichever family member you want to add and a family tree editor should pop-up.

JustFamily family tree

This is where you will be adding your entire family. Mark the position in the family tree on the left, and on the right you should be seeing an input field where you’ll be asked for the name of the person that you’re interested in adding. You’ll be able to add emails of your family, and then fill out their profile, or they can do it themselves after they’ve logged in.

JustFamily posting

When the family tree portion is over, you can move to Home where you will be able to actually post updates on what’s going on. Like we already mentioned, when you register family groups for parents only, which is very useful when sending out newsletters. Fill out everything and when you’re done click Publish.


If you are one of those who are interested in sharing interesting stuff that they’ve heard, found or seen, but would like to keep some things in the family, then JustFamily is just the thing you need. Try this private social network for free.

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