Family Tree Maker Software: RootsMagic Essentials

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RootsMagic Essentials is a free family tree maker to create family tree for your entire family. It supports unlimited family members, and you can associate events and notes with family tree.

This free family tree maker is quite easy to use, and very intuitive. You can start adding one person of your family, and then create linkages to that person. By progressing like this, you’ll soon have your family tree in this nice family tree software.


How To Start with RootsMagic Essentials:

The interface of this family tree maker is very much directive and simple to use once understood properly. When you first start RootsMagic, you will see a welcome screen with a number of different options such as “Create a new file”, “Open an existing file”, “Import a file”, and more. If you have been using RootsMagic for a long time, you may also see some existing databases. However, let’s go ahead with a new file.

  • Click on “Create a new file” option.
  • Submit a file name, for example: your surname. Click on “Ok” once you have put in all the required information.
  • You will come across few different small panels, and two big panels. The navigation tab consists of different ways to view your data such as Pedigree, Family, Descendants, People, Websearch.
  • One big panel is at the right side of the RootsMagic software. This gives you a number of different ways of navigating through different ways.
  • Another panel at the top is an information panel. Whoever is displayed or currently selected on small panel, his/her information is going to be up there in information panel like his/her name, birth, marriage, death and so on.

The website has given a full-fledged video tutorial for how RootsMagic works. Click on the given link to understand quickly how this family tree maker works.

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How To Download Family Tree Maker:

  • Go onto the website
  • Click on “Downloads”
  • Click on RootsMagic Essentials “Try Now” option
  • Submit your basic credentials such name and email address.
  • Click on “Download”
  • Click on the downloaded link in order to run
  • The installer will automatically install the family tree maker.

Yup..there you are. Start creating a complete family tree. Go ahead and Download RootsMagic Essentials: A Free Family Tree Software and create a family tree chart..!

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Works With: Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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