5 Free Web Server Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 5 free web server software for Windows 10 which can be used to run a web server on Windows 10 powered devices. The usual setup used in web servers is the so called LAMP setup. LAMP stands for Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP. That’s the usual web server setup that’s used throughout the web, even though there are alternatives that are available. Today I’m going to be having a look at what kind of web server software exists out there for Windows 10. Running a web server will come in handy if you plan on diving into web development, want to test a website locally, etc.

XAMPP – web server software for Windows 10

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XAMPP is a web server software that’s not just limited to Windows 10, all the major operating systems are supported, including Mac OS and Linux. I’ve personally used XAMPP on my computer when I needed to run a web server. Setup is pretty straightforward. After running the application you’ll be presented with the XAMPP control panel, where all the previously mentioned web server components can be managed.

Which components are going to be available depends on which version of XAMPP you’ve downloaded. The bare minimum of modules that you need are Apache, MySQL and PHP; the AMP part of LAMP. Each module has to be in Green, which means that its running properly. On Windows, Skype and XAMPP occupy the same network ports, so if you use both of these, make sure to look into their port configuration, otherwise you might encounter errors. Once everything is running, just open up “http://localhost” and you should see the XAMPP welcome page. Some basic web applications are installed to help you test out and manage the server more easily.



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WAMP is a web server software bundle setup just like XAMPP, only its aimed at Windows specifically, hence W in its name. Available modules are again Apache, MySQL and PHP, that’s what the AMP part of its name.

WAMP server control panel is located in the system tray. From there you will be able to access settings for making server configuration changes. Each server component, Apache, MySQL, PHP has it’s own category where settings can be accessed. Web server runs in the background right away after launching the application. You can open up the usual localhost address to see if everything is running OK. I had no problems with port conflicts, or anything like that.


Also have a look at Create Image Web Server And Share Photos: AirPhotoServer+.


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EasyPHP takes a bit of a different approach to running web servers off of Windows 10 machines. Instead of having standalone control panels or control panels hidden away behind the right click context menu in the system tray, EasyPHP offers a “web” dashboard. I’ve put web in quotes, because when you’re running this web server software locally it’s not on the web.

From the dashboard you can configure settings, start/stop services, etc. Another difference between EasyPHP and the applications mentioned up until now is that there’s support for alternative web server software like nginx (instead of Apache). Installation is easy. After running the desktop icon, you need to open up localhost to access the browser dashboard from where further tweaking is possible.

Get EasyPHP.

Abyss Web Server

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Abyss Web Server is a less known web server software for Windows 10 which is a shame really, because it comes with support for an even wider range of web technologies. It doesn’t just support the usual Apache, MySQL, PHP combo. Perl, Ruby, Python, ASP and ASP.NET are also supported.

ASP.NET is the server side programming language that’s pushed by Microsoft. Abyss supports both the open source LAMP stack and the more commercial ASP.NET, depending on what your needs are. Several additional databases are also available, next to MySQL, like SQLite, MS Access, MS SQL Server and Oracle. After installing and launching software, it works in the background and the browser dashboard is used to access all the control panels, just like in EasyPHP. Versions for Mac, Linux and Solaris OS are also available.

Get Abyss Web Server.

Also have a look at QuickPHP: Free PHP Testing and Debugging Web Server.


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AMPPS is another web server software for Windows 10 that brings a unique set of features. Next to the usual technologies, Apache, MySQL and PHP, it also supports Perl, Python and a web software installation service Softaculous.

With Softaculous installing web applications like blogs, forums, shopping carts, image galleries and so on basically boils down to following an install wizard. Control panel gives you direct access to all the important configuration files for managing the server. Web dashboard also exists, where the actual Softaculous resides.



XAMPP is a web server software that I personally use, but I have to say that AMPPS comes very close to convincing me to switch to it. WAMP seemed to be the most lightweight out of the 5 applications that I tested above, so use it if you’re running your web server on older hardware. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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