4 Free DVD Backup Software For Windows 10

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Here’s a list of 4 DVD backup software for Windows 10. Applications from the list down below will help you backup your DVD collection to a hard drive, so that it’s not lost in case DVDs get damaged. With time even the most well kept DVDs will end up unplayable, so it doesn’t hurt to have a backup on a hard drive. Applications from the list down below will help you “rip” your DVDs, so that a copy of them can be kept as a single video file, or they will just create a full disc backup, with all the menus intact.

Let’s have a look at what’s available.


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HandBrake is a general purpose media converter that can also act as a DVD backup software. It’s available for Linux, Mac and Windows 10 of course. Bottom left corner of the interface has everything you need for configuring the output format. Two main export formats are supported, MP4 and MKV. As for the codecs you get H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2 and H.265.

What gets backed up is highly customizable. All the important elements of a DVD, like video chapters, audio titles, subtitles, and so on can be picked off, if you don’t want them, or you can add your own (in case of subtitles). If configuring audio/video codecs, quality and everything else I mentioned is foreign to you, there are device presets in the right sidebar. There you can choose a preset for iPods, iPhone, AppleTV, Android and Windows Phone. Media source doesn’t have to be a DVD disc, local file or multiple files (from a directory) can also be loaded in the HandBrake queue.

Get HandBrake.

MakeMKV – simplistic DVD backup software for Windows 10

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If you felt kind of lost when I talked about HandBrake, you should really have a look at MakeMKV. The goal of this DVD backup software for Windows 10 is to make things easier on the user. It goes to such extent in making things easier on the user that it doesn’t even allow for the export settings to be tweaked.

What you see on the image above is pretty much everything that MakeMKV offers you in terms of customizing the DVD backup process. Video titles, chapters, audio tracks and subtitles can be removed from the backup by removing the check mark next to the from the sidebar on the left. On the right you can set the export folder and that’s about it. When you’re done with choosing what gets backed up, click the “Start backup” button from the top left corner menu to start the backup process. MakeMKV will use the original audio/video quality while converting everything selected into an MKV file, hence its name. Paid version also supports Blu-rays.

Get MakeMKV.

Also, have a look at Handbrake: Free Open Source Software to Rip DVD to iPod.

DVD Shrink

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DVD Shrink is one of the oldest DVD backup software out there. Because of this, when I was testing it I came across problems with a couple of DVDs that couldn’t be backed up. I assume they had newer protection, so they couldn’t be backed up as easily as the older DVDs that I have. With other applications I didn’t have this problems. This probably has something to do with the fact that DVD Shrink has been discontinued back in 2005.

DVD backup is highly customizable, and note that this is just backup, it’s not conversion. Original folder structure of the DVD is still kept (AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders). What you can do is remove the content you don’t want (video chapters/titles, audio tracks, DVD extras, etc.) and optionally compress video in order to save space. DVD Shrink also “supports” DVD burning. Note that it heavily relies on third party DVD burning utilities in order to burn DVDs.

Get DVD Shrink.


dvd backup software windows 10 4

ImgBurn is technically speaking not a DVD backup software, but it can be used as such. It can be used to create ISO images out of DVDs. ISO images will preserve the original DVD with all its contents and audio/video quality.

You can still open up and view ISO backup images of DVD titles. I know for a fact that VLC media player and the very popular Kodi home entertainment system support direct playback off of ISO backups of DVD titles. They don’t have to extracted, and can just be opened up as ISO image files, with all the menus, chapters, tracks intact. It’s the perfect tool for doing backup if you don’t want to deal with conversion or choosing what gets backed up. The only drawback is that lot more disk space is used up.

Get ImgBurn.


Out of the 4 DVD backup software for Windows 10 from the list above, the two that caught by interest the most are HandBrake and ImgBurn. HandBrake has everything you need for DVD backup and all my DVDs worked with it. ImgBurn I like because of its simplicity. MakeMKV is also interesting if you’re looking for a quick way to both backup and convert your DVDs in order to save space. DVD Shrink was a bit flaky, didn’t work always, like I already mentioned, so keep that in mind. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below.

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